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Through your will, specify an amount, RRSP, RRIF or pension that you would like to leave to Concordia.

When making a bequest, consider how to choose the best asset to donate.

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Publicly listed securities

Gifting your shares, bonds or mutual funds to Concordia exempts you from capital gains taxes and you receive a donation receipt equivalent to the entire value of the securities.

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Download more details on this option:

Life insurance

Name Concordia as the beneficiary to a life insurance policy or assign ownership of a new or existing policy to Concordia.

Download more details on this option: Charitable giving through life insurance

Charitable gift annuities

This vehicle allows you to make a significant contribution while guaranteeing steady retirement income.

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Flow-through shares

If your financial planner or tax advisor has mentioned this tax shelter, you may consider using it to make a significant donation at a relatively low cost.

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Stock options

Donating shares resulting from the exercise of stock options can be a convenient and cost-effective way to give for executives.

Charitable remainder trust

Contributions of cash or property to establish a trust can protect assets, provide immediate tax relief, minimize future probate fees and protect against potential challenges to your will.

Your gift. Your legacy. Your plan.

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