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Computer Science (Minor)

Offered by:
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science

Why choose a minor in Computer Science?

Basic computer science skills are the perfect complement to any degree program at Concordia. The Minor in Computer Science is designed to meet the growing demand for computer-literate professionals, and may offer students more career opportunities after graduation.

This minor must be combined with a major, specialization or honours program. It is only available to students enrolled in degree programs outside of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science.

  • Minor in Computer Science (25 credits)

See minor credit requirements in the Undergraduate Calendar.


Admission is based on applicants’ overall CRC plus preferably a minimum of 24 in mathematics, and completion of the following classes as part of their DEC. Missing courses will be added to the program.

For all BCompSc programs (except the Computer Systems Option):
MATH 103 or 201-NYA and 203 or 201-NYB and 105 or 201-NYC


Students completing a three-year technical DEC in a related field may also be eligible for admission without the specified profile provided they achieve a minimum overall CRC indicated below and preferably a minimum of 24 in math and physics course(s) required for their Cegep program. Missing prerequisites will be added to their program. Students may be eligible for exemptions/transfer credits based on course equivalencies.


Applicants who meet the minimum entry requirements are encouraged to apply and may still be considered for admission, provided they have completed the majority of the prerequisite courses. Transfer credits may be considered on a course-by-course basis.

Prerequisites for university transfer applicants

The following courses are required in addition to the program and may be completed at another post-secondary institution prior to admission or at Concordia.

For all BCompSc programs (except the Computer Systems Option):
Calculus I and II, Linear Algebra


Engineering students are able to add a minor in another discipline once they have completed at least 21 credits and if they maintain a GPA of 2.70. Refer to the Undergraduate Calendar for details.

Minimum cut-off averages

Applicants who meet the minimum cut-off averages are not guaranteed admission. Grades in Math and Physics (Chemistry, if Physics not offered) should normally meet the minimum cut-offs. IB Math and Physics (HL preferred) should be 5 for all programs, except 6 for Aerospace.

  • Quebec Cegep (CRC): 27.000
  • Canadian High Schools: 87%
  • U.S. High Schools: 3.2 (B+)
  • University Transfers: 3.2
  • International Bacc. (IB): 30
  • Bacc. Français: 14

Make sure you also meet Concordia’s minimum admission requirements.

Sample classes

  • System Hardware
  • Mathematics for Computer Science
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
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