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Henry F. Hall Building

The Henry F. Hall Building is a high-density hub of Concordia’s downtown campus. It is a utilitarian, cube-shaped, 1960s-style high-rise university building made of pre-fabricated stressed concrete.

Most Social Sciences academic departments are concentrated in the Hall Building, along with engineering teaching and research labs, The D.B. Clarke Theatre, classrooms and student space (student associations, the Hive Café, Reggie's Pub and the People's Potato).

The Hall Building is undergoing much-needed major renovations and updating. The eighth floor got a spiffy facelift in 2003-04, and the seventh, eleventh and twelfth floors were done in 2005. The building once again features state-of-the-art media-equipped classrooms and the centre core of the renovated floors has been opened up to create light-infused people spaces. 

Meanwhile, auditoria throughout the building have been renovated and more 100-seat classroom spaces have been added to the upper floors. Elevators were replaced in 2007-08 with larger units and the aging escalators were replaced in 2011-12. The building has been equipped with wireless access, and renovations and upgrading of classrooms continues as funding becomes available. Renovations and upgrading of the remaining floors will take place over the next several years, including a Student Success Centre on the seventh floor.

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