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IT security

Security incident reporting

Security incidents related to information technology must be reported rapidly to the responsible authorities. This includes, but is not limited to unauthorized use of computer equipment, information misuse, and hacking.

Depending on the type of incident, the Concordia Campus Security Department or the Service Desk are to be contacted – consult the examples below to determine how to report the security incident.

IITS monitors and investigates all IT security incidents. This service includes identifying, responding to, and handling IT security-related incidents such as unauthorized access and intrusions, and any other IT-related security concerns.

If you feel your immediate safety is in danger, contact Concordia Campus Security at (514) 848-3717


Protect your identity

It is important to ensure that your digital identity is protected at all times. Here are guidelines to help keep your personal details safe.


Protect your devices and data

It is important to ensure that your devices and the data they contain are protected at all times. Here are guidelines and tools to help keep them safe.



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