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Video & Sound Editing

Facilities and Guidelines

  • 11 individual rooms dedicated to video and sound projects
  • All CDA software is installed. Better graphics cards. More RAM. Near-field sound monitors.
  • 1 Pro Tools based sound recording room (suitable for voice recording, foley or small instruments) **Users must know how to use Pro Tools software
  • 1 sound mixing room: stereo or multi-channel (5.1) with Pro Tools HD, Logic X or Audition
  • Logic Pro X and a Midi Keyboard in Edit Room 2
  • Plural Eyes sound sycnchronization software installed in Edit Room 6
  • FSI color correction monitor and WAVES Tangent control surface in Edit Room Zero
  • All video formats supported from SD to 4K RAW
  • Technical help is always available
  • After hours access for graduate level students and faculty only. 

Simple rules at CDA edit rooms:
  1. You need CDA account to acces the edit rooms
  2. Reserve your room in advance. ( 5hr /day max )
  3. Pick up the key for your reserved edit room at the CDA EV Depot (EV5770). If you are 15 minutes late your reservation is automatically cancelled
  4. You have to leave on time at the end of your reservation. There is a maximum of five hours booking per day but you may remain in the edit room for longer until the next booking arrives. It's very important to let the EV depot staff know you are staying or you'll be considered late for not returning your key on time.
  5. There is no eating or drinking in the edit rooms. Please respect the equipment.
  6. If you don't return the key after your time is over you will be fined ($10/hour $150/day)
  7. Do not unplug things. Ask a staff member for help first.

Working in the edit rooms:
  1. The edit rooms should only be used for class related projects which use video or sound: any work that requires good sound speakers, better graphics cards and a faster more powerful computer. The rooms are optimized for working with Adobe Premiere. You will be asked to leave if you are not working on a video or sound project.
  2. If you are working with video we encourage you to get your own external USB 3 or Thunderbolt drive.
    If you are working on a long term project or a RAW video project, you can ask for local RAID storage from Phil Hawes (ext. 4912) but you will be restricted to using one particular room.
  3. To use the sound mixing room you need previous clearance from Mark Sherman (ext. 3449). ProTools editors can edit in the Open Access lab if no room is available at the edit rooms. Ask the EV depot for a Pro Tools Key.

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