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CDA membership

Your CDA membership comes with a wide variety of benefits:
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You can login to any computer at the CDA with your name and password. Your CDA account includes 10GB of storage space on our server. This space may also be used for hosting a website.

At anytime during our opening hours you can walk into the open access lab and work on a computer. All the computers in this lab have two operating systems, Mac OS X and Windows. Please note that all files left on the computer are deleted over night. Most students work with an external USB 3 hard drive. Flatbed image scanners and film negative and slide scanners are also available in this lab. When classes are not in session, you are also permitted to work in the adjacent smart rooms.

The suites have the following features: 

  • Mac Studio M1 Ultra computers with two screens
  • Access to the FAMC (Fine Arts Media Cluster)
  • Near-field sound speakers and an audio card
  • New acoustic treatment
  • A video colour correction room with a 2K FSI monitor and a control surface
  • A sound recording room with microphones and a sound proof booth
  • A stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixing room

See the Audio video suites page for details.

The sound recording room

The CDA has one room suitable for voice or single instrument recording. You may record into the software of your choice. There is a selection of microphones.

The sound mixing room

This is equipped for stereo, multi-channel, or 5.1 surround sound mixing. There are extra plug-ins, a S3 control surface and Izotope software.

Any computer at the CDA can connect to our sound effects library with thousands of pre-recorded effects and ambiances. There is a database to facilitate searches.

These workshops are a good introduction to some of the fundamentals of working with video and sound software. Complement your courses with technical training. The workshops are currently offered on Moodle but may also be conducted in classes. Contact Phil Hawes for more information.

  • Video workshops on Editing, Color Correcting, Compression and Effects
  • Sound workshops on Adobe Audition

Visit the CDA workshop page for more.

CDA members benefit from technical support that often resolves immediate software issues and increases knowledge of digital tools. Whenever you are working at the CDA you may request technical help or you may book appointments with our support staff for technical consultation on projects.

See a list of CDA staff members. If you are unsure of whom to address, ask at the EV equipment depot.

Room EV-5.615 can be booked for testing presentations. It also has a multi-channel surround audio playback system. 

NOTE: Do not hang items on walls or ceilings where damage to surfaces can occur.

Activate or reset your CDA account

Returning student accounts get renewed every two weeks automatically. They are active as long as you are taking a Fine Arts class. Please note that, after creation, there may be a delay of one hour before your account is ready to use.

A CDA membership is not required to borrow equipment: Get precise locations and booking information on our Equipment depot page

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