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Department Promotion: Prof. Andrea Falcon

April 24, 2020

Department Faculty and Student Representatives 2018-19 Department faculty and student representatives, 2018-19. Dr. Andrea Falcon is in front and centre.

The Department of Philosophy is pleased to congratulate Dr. Andrea Falcon for his promotion from the rank of Associate Professor to the rank of Professor (often referred to as "Full Professor"). This is the highest of the professorial ranks in our institution. It is a momentous accomplishment that takes many years and much labour and talent to achieve, and confirms Professor Falcon's contributions to the department, students, university, and philosophy have been enormous.

Dr. Andrea Falcon's areas of specialization include Ancient Philosophy and Aristotle, with a particular research focus on Aristotle's philosophy of nature. Dr. Falcon regularly teaches PHIL 260 - Presocratics and Plato and PHIL 261 - Aristotle and Hellenistic Philosophy, two core courses in the department's Major and Honours in Philosophy programs.

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