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Graduate students

The Philosophy graduate students at Concordia publish the well known journal Gnosis and organize an annual conference. Their success in getting into doctoral programs of their choice or of finding jobs as well as the titles of their recent MA theses or research papers can be found under graduates & placements.

Graduate Philosophy Students' Association (GPSA)

Concordia's Graduate Philosophy Students' Association (GPSA) represents all Graduate Students in the Department of Philosophy in tandem with the University’s Graduate Student Association (GSA).  Being part of the GPSA is a great way to get involved, network, and socialize with other graduate philosophy students.  The GPSA members regularly meet to insure that the graduate students' interests and concerns are met.

The GPSA's most significant activity is our annual conference held at the end of the winter term.  There are many ways to get involved with the conference and we would love to hear from you.  Getting involved is an enriching experience and you get to meet students from a wide range of departments from other universities, suggest speakers you really want to hear from, and familiarize yourself with conferences as an academic practice

Find out about past events that the GPSA has hosted and see our FaceBook page.

Graduate research papers and theses

Find graduate theses in SPECTRUM, Concordia's open access research repository.

Current graduate students

This list below includes Major Research Paper title (in quotation marks) or working topic areas; some students are in the process of deciding topics with their supervisor, so this is left blank.  For more on our graduate students, see our site, and also our list of students who have completed and graduated, with topics and placements.

Student "Title" or Topic
Sophie Arase  
Jasmin Allen
Sean Boivin "Auxiliary Assumptions and what Objectivity Can be in Science"
Sarah Salima Charrouf  
George Christopoulos  
Johnson Chung
Daniel Cook
Levinas & Environmental Ethics
Kaiah Eaton  
Laura Gallivan The Epistemology of Hope
Anthony Gavin "Schizophrenic Bodies: Towards a Radical Biopolitical Ontology of Schizophrenia"
Michael Giesbrecht  
Madeleine Glowicki  
Marie Gustafson  
Magdalena Ivasecko Nancy and the Hermeneutics of Community
Nicholas Kerklaan
Foucault and the Greeks
Jozef Lewitzky  
Seung Jae (John) Lee
Foucault and Food Scarcity
Cameron McIntyre Hegel on reconciling philosophy with historical particularity
Melody Mikhail "Sexual Difference and Mondialization After Marx (Jean-Luc Nancy and Luce Irigaray)"
Mehdi Najafi  
Erik Nelson "Logic without Regress: The Non-Linguistic Structure of Inference"
Will O'Shea Hegel
Matthew Palynchuk  
Jaysen Penney Beauvoir's Ethics of Ambiguity & Merleau-Ponty
Gabrielle Polce "On the Possibility of Constructive Interruption in Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology: Overcoming Al-Saji’s Criticism by Means of Temporality"
Andrew Pollhammer  
Zlatan Ramusović "Negativity and the Individual in the “Comedy” Section of the Phenomenology of Spirit"
Katherine Rollans Derrida and Merleau-Ponty on Expression
Patricia Roy  
Anass Safi  
Kathleen Sherman  
Joshua Smith  
Aidan Wall  
Rachel Wallace  
Justin Wills Dante's Aristotelianism
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