Concordia University

Colloquium Series

Department of Physics

Winter 2020 Schedule


Wednesday, Jan. 8th
3 pm  – 4 pm, SP 365.01

Dr. Robert Mann

Perimeter Institute, University of Waterloo

"Black Hole Chemistry"


Wednesday, Jan. 15th
3 pm  – 4 pm, SP 365.01

Dr. Jeff Lundeen

Canada Research Chair in Quantum PhotonicsPhysics Department, Centre for Research in Photonics, Max Planck Center for Extreme and Quantum Photonics, University of Ottawa

"Not so shadowy after all: Direct observation of the quantum wavefunction"

Wednesday, Jan. 22th
3 pm  – 4 pm, SP 365.01

Dr. Joe Bramante

Queen's University

"Finding Dark Matter With Neutron Stars"

Wednesday, Jan. 29th
3 pm  – 4 pm, SP 365.01

Dr. Oraccio Navarro

Physics Department, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. 

Materials Research Institute, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Campus Morelia, Michoacán, México.

"Spintronics in materials with double perovskite structure: electronic, magnetic and thermodynamic properties"

Wednesday, Feb. 5th
3 pm  – 4 pm, SP 365.01

Dr. Sergei Manzhos

Centre Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications,


"Rectangular collocation for the solution of Schrödinger equation"

Wednesday, Feb. 12th
3 pm  – 4 pm, SP 365.01

Dr. Emanuele Orgiu


"A Close Look at Extrinsic and Intrinsic Disorder to Free Electrons in Organic Crystals: Band-like Transport in N-type Organic Semiconducting Crystals"
Wednesday, Feb. 19th
3 pm  – 4 pm, SP 365.01

Dr. Gilles Peslherbe 

Director, Centre for Research in Molecular Modeling

Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry / Physics / Chemical & Materials Engineering

Concordia University

"Case Studies of Chemical Modeling in Biophysics and Materials Sciences"
Wednesday, Mar. 4th
3 pm  – 4 pm, SP 365.01

Dr. Ken Ragan

McGill University


Wednesday, Mar. 25th
3 pm  – 4 pm, SP 365.01

Dr. Paul Wiseman

McGill University


Wednesday, Apr. 1st
3 pm  – 4 pm, SP 365.01

Dr. Lily Childress

McGill University 


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