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Colloquium Series

Fall 2017 Schedule

Monday, October 2nd
3pm, CC 115
Esther Wertz,
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
"Understanding light-matter interactions at the single-molecule level"
Friday, October 13th
Room CC 204
Nedaa Asbah,
DESY/Humboldt University
"Search for ttH production with Higgs decays to b quarks at the ATLAS detector"
Monday, October 16th
3pm, CC 115
Art Van der Est,
Brock University
"Time-Resolved EPR studies of Electron Transfer in Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis"
Monday October 30th
3pm, CC 115
Alain Hache,
University of Moncton
"The Physics of Hockey"
Monday, November 6th
3pm, CC 115
Steve Shih,
Concordia University
"Microfluidics for health, energy and synthetic biology applications"
Monday, November 13th
3pm, CC 115
Matt Dobbs,
McGill University
"CHIME, the world's newest radio telescope, built in Canada to unravel the mysteries of cosmic evolution"
Monday November 20th
3pm, CC 115
Juan Vanegas,
University of Vermont
Title TBA -  Topic in Theoretical Biological Physics
Monday, December 4th
3pm, CC 115
Ian Affleck,
University of British Columbia
"From String Theory to Quantum Dot Experiments"
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