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As a condition for studying physics, you should have a curious mind interested in understanding how the world works -- energy, matter and their interactions -- and take up the task of building for yourself a solid background in abstract thinking combined to strong skills in problem solving.

A convivial environment with hands-on study

The Department of Physics at Concordia provides one of the most convivial environment for study and research within a traditional university campus, the Loyola campus, with an emphasis on good student-faculty interaction. Undergraduate students are encouraged to actively participate in labs and research groups, giving students the opportunity to learn fundamental skills that will be valuable for various work settings. The highly attractive Co-op program, unique among English language universities in Quebec, also offers undergraduates the opportunity to acquire hands-on experience with potential employers during the course of their study.

Numerous career options for undergraduates and graduates

Numerous career options can be envisaged after graduation whether at the BSc, MSc or PhD level. Graduates with a BSc or an MSc can work in various industries (photonics, opto-electronics, semiconductors, biomedical and biophysics, advanced materials, nanotechnology, energy production, flight simulation, aeronautics, space science, engineering, etc.), in teaching (at college or secondary levels, provided that some requirements are met) or governmental positions. At the PhD level, besides the possibilities already mentioned, your career can also be oriented towards research and development in research institutes/industries, or research and teaching in universities.

Find out more details on the programs offered and research conducted in our department. Please consult these web pages, and should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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