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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance facility

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry of Concordia University maintains and operates 3 solution NMR spectrometers.

We offer NMR services to both University and external users.

Varian NMR 500 MHz spectrometer Varian NMR 500 MHz spectrometer
Varian VNMRS-500 MHz

5 mm AutoX DB (Dual Broadband) probe1H-19F/X[15N-31P], with z-PFG, operating with VNMRJ 3.2 software underLINUX Red Hat 5. Automatic tuning for all nuclei by ProTune accessory.

Varian INOVA-300 MHz

Two 5 mm probes - direct SW1H/X[15N-31P] and inverse ID1H/X[15N-31P], with z-PFG, operating with VNMRJ3.2 software under LINUX Red Hat 6.

Bruker FOURIER-300 MHz 

Equipped with a 16 position SampleXpress Lite sample changer: 5 mm DUL EasyProbe1H and 13C, with z-PFG, operating with TOPSPIN 3.1 software under Windows 7 Professional.

In addition, for biomolecular NMR, a Varian 800 MHz spectrometer can be used at Quebec/Eastern Canada High FieldNMR Facility.

Service and local manuals

Including most of the routine experiments:

1D NMR: 1H/13C/31P/19F/15N/17O, solvent suppression, 13C-spectra editing: DEPT/APT


2D heteronuclear NMR: HSQC/HMQC/HMBC.

A clear solution sample is required for service in 5 mm NMR tube with a volume of around 0.6 mL (a height of at least 4 cm).

Variable temperature control: -80 to +130 °C

Instructions for 1H, 13C NMR operation for 300/500 MHz


We offer NMR services to both University and external users. A service charge will be applied for each use of the NMR facility service, which includes use of the spectrometer or training. Please enquire for more details.

Faculty, post-docs and students who have undergone user training may operate the instruments without direct supervision.


For more information on the Concordia University NMR facility, please contact:

Alexey Denisov, PhD, NMR specialist
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Room: SP-S185.01
Phone: 514-848-2424 ext. 5302


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