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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance facility

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry of Concordia University maintains and operates 3 solution NMR spectrometers.

We offer NMR services to both University and external users.

Varian VNMRS-500 MHz

5 mm AutoX DB (Dual Broadband) probe1H-19F/X[15N-31P], with z-PFG, operating with VNMRJ 3.2 software underLINUX Red Hat 5. Automatic tuning for all nuclei by ProTune accessory.

Varian INOVA-300 MHz

Two 5 mm probes - direct SW1H/X[15N-31P] and inverse ID1H/X[15N-31P], with z-PFG, operating with VNMRJ3.2 software under LINUX Red Hat 6.

Bruker FOURIER-300 MHz 

Equipped with a 16 position SampleXpress Lite sample changer: 5 mm DUL EasyProbe1H and 13C, with z-PFG, operating with TOPSPIN 3.1 software under Windows 7 Professional.

In addition, for biomolecular NMR, a Varian 800 MHz spectrometer can be used at Quebec/Eastern Canada High FieldNMR Facility.

Service and local manuals

Including most of the routine experiments:

1D NMR: 1H/13C/31P/19F/15N/17O, solvent suppression, 13C-spectra editing: DEPT/APT


2D heteronuclear NMR: HSQC/HMQC/HMBC.

A clear solution sample is required for service in 5 mm NMR tube with a volume of around 0.6 mL (a height of at least 4 cm).

Variable temperature control: -80 to +130 °C

Instructions for 1H, 13C NMR operation for 300/500 MHz


We offer NMR services to both University and external users. A service charge will be applied for each use of the NMR facility service, which includes use of the spectrometer or training. Please enquire for more details.

Faculty, post-docs and students who have undergone user training may operate the instruments without direct supervision.


For more information on the Concordia University NMR facility, please contact the Department at extension 3366.


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