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Faculty members

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has over 23 full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty members, as well as several associated faculty members from other departments at Concordia University and from industry.


  • John Capobianco
    Professor and Concordia University Research Chair

    Nanomaterials, upconversion, lanthanides, bioimaging, drug delivery, photodynamic therapy, physical inorganic, optical spectroscopy, persistent luminescence.
  • Louis Cuccia
    Associate Professor

  • Inorganic solid state chemistry Crystallography Mossbauer spectroscopy Tin-containing materials
  • Christine DeWolf
    Associate Professor

    biophysical chemistry, model membranes, Langmuir monolayers, liposomes, environmental pollutants, nanopatterning, lipid-protein interactions
  • Brandon Findlay
    Assistant Professor

    Drug discovery, natural products, directed evolution, biochemistry.
  • Pat Forgione
    Associate Professor

    Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Catalysis, Drug Discovery
  • Yves Gélinas
    Professor and Concordia University Research Chair in Environmental Chemistry

    Analytical Biogeochemistry, Global Cycle of Organic Carbon, Climate Change, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Forensics, Molecular and Isotopic Biomarkers.
  • Paul Joyce

    Biochemistry, Genomics, Proteomics, Molecular/Cell Biology.
  • Gregor Kos

    Atmospheric and Environmental Chemistry
  • Guillaume Lamoureux
    Associate Professor

    Molecular Modeling, Computational Chemistry, Structural Bioinformatics
  • Heidi Muchall
    Associate Professor

    Physical organic and computational chemistry, electronic and molecular structures
  • Rafik Naccache
    Assistant Professor

    Nanoparticle synthesis, materials characterization, carbogenic quantum dots, metallic nanoparticles, plasmonics, sensors, imaging, nanothermometry, drug delivery
  • Jung Kwon (John) Oh
    Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair

    Organic and polymer chemistry, Polymer synthesis and characterization, Materials science, biomedical applications, drug delivery
  • Xavier Ottenwaelder
    Associate Professor

    Inorganic chemistry, oxidation chemistry, catalysis, aerobic reactions, coordination complexes, organic transformations
  • Peter Pawelek
    Associate Professor

    Bacterial iron uptake, molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis, protein-protein interactions, membrane proteins, biophysical chemistry, protein chemistry, phage display, X-ray crystallography.

  • Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Molecular and Reaction Dynamics, Quantum Chemistry, Nanomaterials and Materials Science, Chemical Biology, Photochemistry and Ultrasfast Spectroscopy, Chemical Physics
  • Justin Powlowski
    Associate Professor

    Enzymology; Genomics and proteomics; Microbial metabolism of aromatic comounds; Fungal degradation of biomass; Industrial enzymology
  • Cerrie Rogers
    Senior Lecturer

    Not research active. Formerly involved in inorganic chemistry research (transition metal based molecular sensors).
  • Sébastien Robidoux
    Senior Lecturer

    History of chemistry
  • Cameron Skinner
    Associate Professor

    Analytical chemistry with particular focus on electrophoretic separations, bioanalysis, biomarker discovery and forensics
  • Dajana Vuckovic
    Assistant Professor and Concordia University Research Chair

    analytical chemistry, metabolomics, lipidomics, proteomics, mass spectrometry, sample preparation, separation science, bioanalysis, biomarker discovery and validation
  • Christopher J. Wilds
    Associate Professor

    Synthesis of chemically modified nucleic acids, DNA / RNA nanoscience, DNA repair.

Professors emeriti

Peter Bird

Professor Emeritus

Ann English

Professor Emeritus

Judith Kornblatt

Professor Emeritus

Raymond Le Van Mao

Professor Emeritus

Nick Serpone

Professor Emeritus

Oswald S. Tee

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Joanne Turnbull

Professor Emeritus


Concordia faculty associated with the department

University and industry-based affiliate professors

Antonella Badia

Université de Montréal

Michael Brooks

McMaster University

Jean-François Helie

Université du Québec à Montréal

Alfonso Mucci

McGill University

René Roy

Université de Quebec à Montréal

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