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Why Co-op?

Bring real-world experience to class

Co-operative education is a model of experiential learning that bridges university life and the working world. It provides students the chance to combine study with paid work terms in their chosen fields, bringing a wealth of benefits to both students and their employers:  

  • Co-op students graduate with job-search skills and a year’s worth of work experience
  • Employers gain access to a source of bright, talented and motivated student-employees

Every year, Concordia's Institute for Co-operative Education connects some 1,800 students to hundreds of employers through 40 undergraduate and four graduate co-op programs. Our students make the connections between classroom theory and the workplace, whether it’s a private corporation, not-for-profit organization or government agency. Then they bring their work experience back to class, completing a cycle of continuous learning and excellence.

Questions? The Co-op team is happy to answer them.

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