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August/September 2015


Kyle Matthews wrote a letter to the Montreal Gazette calling on Canada to prosecute Canadians who travel to Iraq and Syria to join the Islamic State: “Take a hard line on terrorism.”
Kyle Matthews and  Cédrick Mulcair - “Do we have a responsibility to protect victims of terrorism?” in The National Post.
Kyle Matthews gave an interview to the CBC about efforts to ensure that the issue of genocide is taught in Quebec’s public schools.
Marie Lamensch and Noah Schouela wrote an op-ed titled “Who will bring peace for the people of South Sudan?” forThe Mantle. The article was also published in French on the Huffington Post Quebec web site under the title “A quand la paix au Soudan du Sud?”
Kyle Matthews spoke to CBC Radio about the security and foreign affairs platforms of each political party in the run up to Canada’s federal election in October.
In a long interview with the European magazine IDGConnect, Kyle Matthews explains some of the ways extremist groups use social media to attract recruits and the work of MIGS’ Digital Mass Atrocity Prevention Lab.

Marie Lamensch and MIGS youth fellow Noah Schouela interviewed Skye Wheeler (Researcher at Human Rights Watch) and Akshaya Kumar (Sudan and South Sudan Policy Analyst at the Enough Project). The video is available on MIGS’ Youtube Page.



Kyle Matthews gave an interview to Breakfast Television about the current refugee crisis in Europe.

Kyle Matthews was quoted in an article on regarding Canada and the refugee crisis in Europe.
Kyle Matthews spoke with CTV Montreal’s Mutsumi Takahashi about the refugee and migrant crisis in Europe.

Kyle Mathews discusses Europe's refugee crisis with BT Montreal

"Roméo Dallaire says Canada could take 90,000 Syrian refugees" - CBCNews 

Kyle Matthews speaks about the refugee crisis and what Canada can do about it - CTVNews  

“Civil society and human rights organizations call on Canada to lead Syrian no-fly zone.”  - Terry Glavin , The Ottawa Citizen. Kyle Matthews weighs in on the crisis in Syria





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