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November-October 2013

27 November

Our Google Hang out on air on "Using Technology to Fight Atrocities" is now online. Watch it here.

18 November

The transcript of our live chat on Syria with a pannel of experts is now available here.

7 November 2013

For the launch of the conference "Plundered Cultures, Stolen Heritage", MIGS' Director Frank Chalk wrote a special piece for The Gazette titled, "Attacks on culture often foreshadow mass atrocities."

17 October

Will to Intervene Project Senior deputy director Kyle Matthews discussed the escape of a Canadian hostage in Syria and the shrinking humanitarian space: CBC TV news and Global National.

10 October

"Canada should sign UN Arms Trade Treaty" in The Star - Op-ed by Distinguished Senior Fellow Roméo Dallaire and Jonah Kanter.

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