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August 2013

30 August

Kyle Matthews was quoted in Benjamin Shingler’s article published in the Globalpost. The article is titled: “Does world’s ‘responsibility to protect’ civilians justify a Syria Strike?”

27-28 August

Kyle Matthews discussed the situation in Syria on the Barry Morgan Show, CJAD300.

"Syria in the Red": Watch Kyle Matthews's interview with Jamie Orchard (Global News Montreal)

"Conflit en Syrie: quels enjeux pour les pays voisins?" - L'Actualite. Interview with Kyle Matthews.

MIGS' Distinguished Senior Fellow Roméo Dallaire gave his point of view on a possible intervention in Syria. Watch the interview with Global News.

26 August

Kyle Matthews appeared on Vancouver's Bill Good Show to discuss the crisis in Syria.

22 August

Kyle Matthews was interviewed about the footage of alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria. The article titled “Where’s the public outcry over Syrian humanitarian crisis experts ask,” by Nick Logan, can be found on Global News.

21 August

Une crise humanitaire qui pourrait durer des années

La Presse interviews Kyle Matthews about the humanitarian crisis that is developing in Syria

14 August

Kyle Matthews gave his take on the situation in Egypt on Global TV Montreal and on CBC Radio Noon.

5 August

L'Observateur impuissant

Kyle Matthews, La Presse, 5 August 2013

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