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March-February 2013

March 25

"Edward Kissi" - Ann Carney, USF News. Interview with Edward Kissi, USF professor of African Studies, dedicated to genocide education

March 15

Kyle Matthews spoke to News 91.9 about the Canada's role in Mali. Listen to the interview here.

February 21

Dr Frank Chalk gets mentioned in a BBC article: "Could the BBC have done more to help Hungarian Jews?"

February 20

Kyle Matthews on Syria "Does the lesson from Syria imply it is better to save no one" The Globe and Mail

February 12

Kyle Matthews published an article on the state of R2P today: "The End of Atrocity" - Canadian International Council Event on February 12

Kyle Matthews and Frank Chalk will speak at the Ryerson Conference on Preventing Genocide, Toronto

February 4

W2I's Kyle Matthews appears on CBC's The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti to discuss R2P and Syria: "Does the Responsibility to Protect doctrine mean Canada is obligated to intervene militarily in Syria?"

Also present: Paul Heinbecker, former Canadian Ambassador to the UN.

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