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The Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS) at Concordia University is seeking a Research and Administration intern. MIGS' work is cutting edge. Peace and mass atrocity crimes prevention are its primary goals. The Institute seeks not only to uncover the underlying reasons for genocide and other crimes against humanity, but also to put forth concrete policy recommendations to resolve conflicts before they intensify and spiral into mass atrocity crimes. Through its programs, events and partnerships, MIGS is a resource and a forum for government officials, diplomats, international institutions, students, academics, non-governmental organizations and members of the private sector on important human rights issues. The internship is unpaid (min 20 hours per week).

Responsibilities Include but are not limited to: 

•   Provide assistance with administrative tasks and in organizing and planning meetings and events.

•   Aid the Executive Director in researching funding opportunities to expand MIGS’ current initiatives.

•   Assist MIGS’ staff in preparing and drafting grant applications.

•   Assist MIGS’ staff with internal communications  

•   Conduct research on potential speakers for workshops and events.

•   Conduct research and compile information on MIGS’ related news and events.

•   Compile MIGS’s newsletter

•   Assist MIGS in organizing and planning events



•   Enrolled in a graduate-level university program in Montreal or possess a university degree in a field international relations, political science, business administration, and history or genocide studies.

•   Computer literate with excellent written and oral communication, research and writing skills.

•   Fluent in English; proficiency in French also desirable.

Interested applicants should submit a brief cover letter and resume. Please also specify which project interests you and how you can contribute to its development. Be sure to indicate your approximate potential start date. Please send your CV to Marie Lamensch at

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