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Emily Enright

Emily Enright is a recent graduate student from Western University who graduated with a B.A in Global Development and Political Science. She is currently an intern for MIGS as part of her work-placement component for a diploma in a Not-for-Profit Management program at Continuing Western Studies. Emily is passionate about human rights, humanitarian law, international relations and global development. In the future, Emily will be working towards going back to school to further her education in the aforementioned fields of study.


Greer Nicholson

Greer Nicholson is a law student at McGill University. She holds two bachelors degrees also from McGill focused on political science, philosophy and economics with an honours thesis on norms of cooperation from a game theoretic perspective.

Greer worked as an editor for the McGill International Journal of Sustainable Law and Policy as well as the McGill Journal of Dispute Resolution. She served in the Canadian Forces Army Reserves for many years in infantry and intelligence. She also worked in rural Kenya for an international development NGO and interned in Foreign Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution.

Her main interest is the decision making with respect to cooperation and violent conflict, the role of human rights norms and international law.

Mai Rosner

Mai Rosner recently received her undergraduate degree from McGill University, with a major in honors political science and a double minor in international development and business management. Her studies have focused primarily on Middle East politics, peacebuilding, international human rights and protracted conflicts. As part of her degree she completed an independent study on the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine, Peacekeeping and the ICC as tools for international peace and security.  She is passionate about human rights and sustainability and hopes to pursue a career in international or civil rights law.

Mai has previously worked as an information officer for the Nepali Ministry for Women and Children, collecting data on gender based violence in IDP camps as part of the post-Earthquake emergency response and has also been an intern at Canadian’s for Justice and Peace in the Middle East. She is a citizen of the US, France and Israel.


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Julia Pinchuk

Julia Pinchuk is a French/American third year undergraduate student at McGill University studying International Development, Political Science and German. She was born and raised in Bermuda, educated in the UK, and is bilingual in French and English. Her interests are marine conservation, Middle Eastern politics, specifically in the scope of democratic transition during and post-Arab Spring, humanitarian relief and aid with a recently developed interest in the Yemen food crisis, human rights and political economy in the context of political institutions.

She recently took part in McGill’s Professor Rex Brynen’s peacebuilding simulation, a simulated civil war in a fictional state, in which she undertook a role as a reporter. This simulation “intended to recreate many of the issues, challenges and operational dilemmas confronting real-life decision makers concerned with war-to-peace transitions” and further inspired her to pursue a possible career path in the field of international development, but more specifically war and its many impacts on those affected.  



Luca Kuhn von Burgsdorff   

Luca Kuhn von Burgsdorff is an Intern at the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies. He previously interned at the European Union embassy in Maputo, Mozambique, where he focussed on the EU’s relationship with the Mozambican government with regards to maritime security and border policies. He is also currently the Executive Editor at the Montreal-based online review, Graphite Publications, where he manages a platform for youth-led debate and discourse.

Luca is a German citizen and is currently completing his undergraduate program at McGill University. He is doing a double-major in the departments of history and economics and directs his focus towards modern European, African, and Middle Eastern history. He has taken the causes and consequences of Islamic radicalization under scope during his time at McGill and is interested in the intersection between new forms of media and recruitment conducted by non-state actors.

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Lea Watrin now works for the All Parliamentary Group on the Prevention of Genocide and Other Crimes Against Humanity

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Christoph Semken previously served as an Assistant for Information Technology and is currently completing his Master of Arts in International Relations and Economics at the University of Aberdeen. His latest publication "Tracking the Blue: Phone and Vehicle Location Systems for UN Peacekeeping" is available at

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