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Gabrielle Dickins

Gabrielle Dickins is a Concordia undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Community, Public Affairs, and Policy Studies. As it pertains to human rights, she is interested in the meeting point between practical questions of policy, law, and enforcement, and theoretical questions of ethics and philosophy. First introduced to human rights issues by a high school teacher who fled the Burundian Genocide in 1993, Gabrielle has since been attentive to the role of disinformation in fomenting hate. She is both fascinated and concerned by the rapid growth of digital interconnectedness, technological innovation, and scientific capacities as conduits for all forms of violence. After completing her studies, Gabrielle aspires to work in advocacy, diplomacy, and policy-making.


Thelma Guérin

Thelma Guérin is currently studying for a master’s degree in Political Science – Public and International Affairs at the University of Montreal. She is interested in international relations and international security. Having lived abroad in Germany, and Poland, her different academic experience developed her interest in the issue of understanding and preventing mass violence. For the future she wants to continue to evolve in an international environment, she considers a career in diplomacy but also working in international organizations related to the field of international security and human rights. 

Helena Lang

Helena Lang

Helena Lang is an undergraduate student at McGill University where she studies Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics. She is interested in human rights issues and how they are tied in with questions of gender, climate change and sustainable development. A German native having lived abroad in Turkey and Canada, she hopes to apply her experiences from having lived in different countries in her work. Concerning future work, she considers a career in diplomacy but is also drawn to NGOs and international organizations to promote poverty alleviation and sustainability while focusing on upholding human rights.



Sooraya Peerally

Sooraya Peerally is a graduate student at the University of Montreal. After having completed a bachelor degree in Economics and Political Science she decided to focus on international relations and is now pursuing a Master in Public and International Affairs. She is interested in civil wars and the challenges of mass civil disobedience, particularly in the era of social media. Having grown up in Reunion Island and Mauritius Island, she is also attentive to the dynamics in the Indian Ocean between bordering states, western powers and developing powers such as India and China. Regarding the future, she considers a career in NGOs and is interested in journalism as well, in the hope to be an advocate for human rights and sustainable development in the South.


Antoine Tremblay

Antoine Tremblay is a fourth year law student at McGill University. He specializes in international law and constitutional law, with a particular interest in how to build effective international institutions to advance global democracy, human rights, pluralism, sustainability and intergovernmental cooperation. Having interned in China and studied abroad in France, as well as having worked in Parliament in Ottawa, he aims to apply what he has learned to his work here at the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies. Later, he ambitions to pursue a career in diplomacy or politics. 


Kylea Shropshire

Kylea Shropshire is an international affairs and conflict prevention professional currently based in Central Asia. She has experience living and working in many countries including Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Senegal and Tanzania. Presently, she is writing for Mediators Beyond Borders International and is interning with the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund and Search for Common Ground in Kyrgyzstan. Current projects include researching methods of preventing violent extremism in Central Asia and designing grant proposals for human rights promotion in the region. She also researches for the Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research (HIIK). Recently, she was working as a Long-Term Election Observer for the Canadian bilateral mission to Ukraine with CANADEM during the presidential election. She completed her honours bachelor degree in international studies and modern languages at the University of Ottawa and her master’s degree in international and Diplomatic Studies at the University of Economics (VSE) in Prague. Her thesis titled “Sport, Corruption and Human Rights: The Case of FIFA,” looked at the role of mega sporting events and the impact they can have on human rights. For the foreseeable future, she is searching for opportunities in human rights, humanitarian affairs, diplomacy, anticorruption, conflict prevention, mediation, and disarmament.

Past Interns

Patrick Groeneveld-Meijer

Helena Lang

Fatou C.D. Ndiaye

Haley Moore

Caroline Feldner

Alexandrine Royer

Duncan Cooper

Rutvi Ajmera 

Isabela Coleho

Greer Nicholson

Emily Enright

Silke Melbye-Hansen

Isabelle Tamoj

Lilian Leifert

Cedrick Mulcair

Chantalle Gonzalez Lopez

Marrisa Fortune

Riley Haley

Erin Storus

May White-Vimouth

Nathalie Hitimana

Zach Sementes

Zach Paikin

Arvin Eyunni

Adan Suazo

Lea Watrin now works for the All Parliamentary Group on the Prevention of Genocide and Other Crimes Against Humanity

Meaghan Shevell

Camila Gomez-Perales

Alejandra Espinosa

Adrien Orloowski

Aminka Belvitt

Randy Pinsky

Myriam Menard

Jonathan Rozen

Neekoo Collett

Sarah Wiley

Kaitlin Davella

Christoph Semken previously served as an Assistant for Information Technology and is currently completing his Master of Arts in International Relations and Economics at the University of Aberdeen. His latest publication "Tracking the Blue: Phone and Vehicle Location Systems for UN Peacekeeping" is available at

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