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Kelly Bettan

Kelly Bettan

Kelly is a French graduate student in Political science, specialized in International co-operation policies. She is currently working as an intern at MIGS to complete her final year of Master’s degree. Before coming to Montreal, she lived in Paris and in Buenos Aires, so she enjoys discovering new places and people. Previously, she worked for the NGO Action Against Hunger, and she also keeps volunteering within the association Women Safe, located in France and supporting women and children victims of violence. Her areas of interest are gender studies and feminism, international relations and foreign diplomacy, prevention of conflicts and violence, human rights defense and fight against inequalities. After her internship, she would like to work with institutes, NGOs and international organizations promoting human rights defense and humanitarian advocacy.

Duncan Cooper

Duncan Cooper is a British citizen raised in Canada, and a recent graduate from the University of British Columbia history honours program. His interests include environmental justice, Indigenous land rights and histories, as well as current affairs and global political movements. These diverse pursuits have led him to work as an editor for the Atlas Undergraduate journal of World History, as an activist and communications intern by co-founding a local chapter of Naomi Klein’s organization The Leap, and as an organizer and facilitator for UBC conferences relating to topics including sustainable development and green economies. Before pursuing a masters degree in public policy or global diplomacy, Duncan hopes to gain a degree of knowledge about emerging issues relating to policy and governance such as: countering digital radicalization and extremist ideologies through policy implementation both domestically and internationally as well as ethics of AI and its potential application towards these ends.

Caroline Feldner

Caroline Feldner is currently finishing her masters’ degree in international relations with a focus on globalization and transnational issues at the Institute of Political Science of Strasbourg, France. She is passionate about human rights and peace-building. Outside of university, she has volunteered for NGOs such as Unicef and World Vision but also contributed to events like the World Forum for Democracy and the European Youth Event at the European Parliament. Having had the opportunity to study abroad in Trinity College Dublin as part of her bachelor’s degree, Caroline seeks to apply the knowledge gained from these enriching experiences in order to pursue work in the field of international relations and human rights advocacy.


Patrick Groeneveld-Meijer

Patrick Groeneveld-Meijer is currently completing his undergraduate degree in Honours Political Science at Concordia University. His research centres on the international relations and security dynamics of the Middle East and South Eastern Europe. He has spent significant time overseas where he received a certificate in Post-Conflict Transitions from the University of Sarajevo. He also had the opportunity to live in Israel where he conducted research on Syrian rebel groups at the Moshe Dayan Centre for Middle Eastern and African Studies. This year, he served as the the elected vice-president of external affairs at the Concordia Political Science Students Association where he worked to bring influential speakers to the student body. He is also a research analyst at the Canadian Centre for Strategic Studies and sits on its board of directors. Throughout his undergraduate degree, Patrick has also been involved in Model United Nations where he has participated in and won awards at conferences conducted at Harvard, McGill, Georgetown, and the University of Pennsylvania. In September he will be moving to the United Kingdom to pursue a master’s in international Peace and Security at King’s College London.

Helena Lang

Helena Lang

Helena Lang is an undergraduate student at McGill University. She is pursuing a Joint Honours degree in Political Science and Philosophy, focusing on international relations and political theory. She is interested in human rights issues and how they are tied in with questions of gender, climate change and sustainable development. A German native having lived abroad in Turkey and Canada, she hopes to apply her experiences from having lived in different countries in her work. Concerning future work, she considers a career in diplomacy but is also drawn to NGOs and international organizations to promote poverty alleviation and sustainability while focusing on upholding human rights.


Fatou MIGS headshot

Fatou C.D. Ndiaye 

Fatou C.D. Ndiaye recently completed her undergraduate degree at McGill University in Honours Political Science and a double minor in Sociology and International Development. Her passion for human rights and social justice motivated her to pursue internships with Ghana’s Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) and Equitas. She is particularly interested in post-conflict reconciliation, institution-building, and stabilization processes. Fatou is of Senegalese origin but was raised in New Jersey, U.S.A., and Geneva, Switzerland. She is looking forward to expanding upon her international experiences and knowledge of human rights issues as a graduate student at the London School of Economics and Political Science.


Levon Mouradian

Levon Mouradian is an undergraduate student at Concordia University, majoring in Political Science. His main areas of interest are human rights abuses and the prevention of genocides. More specifically, living in Syria in a time of war, he became passionate about issues related to human rights violations in times of conflicts. As an Armenian and a grandchild of a genocide survivor, he is eager to be involved in preventing other genocides from taking place. He hopes to apply his experiences in living in the Middle East and in Armenia to the promotion of human rights across the world.


Haley More

Haley More is a current undergraduate at Concordia University, majoring in Political Science and Women Studies. She is passionate about human rights and is interested in how they are effected in conflict and post-conflict zones, specifically in the regions of the Middle East and Eastern Asia.  She has had incredible opportunities to live abroad in countries such as China and Israel, which have broaden her understanding of the world around her. In combination with the experiences she has gained from her travels and area of study, she hopes to apply these to her work in the field of human rights advocacy.

alex migs photo

Alexandrine Royer

Alexandrine Royer is a recent graduate from McGill University and currently holds a Joint Honours degree in History and Anthropology. Her primary research interests are focused on human right abuses and political conflicts in Central America, largely stemming from her time spent in Nicaragua. Having equally lived in France, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Alexandrine is also passionate about the protection of refugee rights across Europe. As past president of the McGill Student Chapter of Journalists for Human Rights, Alexandrine has remained active in the organization of events centered on human right issues in Quebec and across Canada. Before pursuing her graduate studies, Alexandrine hopes to gain further experience in the field of human rights advocacy.

zoe wilkins

Zoe Wilkins

Zoë Wilkins is currently completing her final term of her Joint Honours in Political Science and Philosophy program at McGill University. She is passionate about human rights and has primarily worked on forced migration, refugee rights, and impacts of climate change. Most recently, she was a McBurney Fellow with McGill’s Institute for Health and Social Policy, during which she focused on humanitarian aid and legal advocacy work at a migrant camp on the Mexico-Guatemalan border. Previously, she has been an intern with Smithsonian Tropical Institute, the Canadian Council for Refugees, a research analyst for the Canadian Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, and continues to be an editor for the McGill International Review. 

Past Interns

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Lea Watrin now works for the All Parliamentary Group on the Prevention of Genocide and Other Crimes Against Humanity

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Alejandra Espinosa

Adrien Orloowski

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Kaitlin Davella

Christoph Semken previously served as an Assistant for Information Technology and is currently completing his Master of Arts in International Relations and Economics at the University of Aberdeen. His latest publication "Tracking the Blue: Phone and Vehicle Location Systems for UN Peacekeeping" is available at

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