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Research and Graduate Studies Sector

Christophe Guy, Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies
Justin Powlowski, Associate Vice-President, Strategy and Operations
William Cheaib, Associate Vice-President, International
Paula Wood-Adams, Dean of Graduate Studies
Heather Adams-Robinette, Director, Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies Sector
Andrew Lang
, Director, Concordia International
Michèle Thériault, Director, Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery
Bart Simon, Director, Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology
Habib Benali, Interim Scientific Director, PERFORM Centre
Cameron Skinner, Research Integrity Officer

Office of the Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies,
and Office of Research


Cinzia Miscio, Manager, Administrative Operations
Sabine Xia
, Assistant to Associate Vice-Presidents
Brooke Allan, Administrative Assistant
Andrew Khoury, Administrative Assistant
Renée Dunk, Communications Advisor

Strategic and Institutional Research Initiatives

Brenda Fewster, Senior Advisor, Planning and Strategic Initiatives
Mona Hamzeh
, Senior Advisor, Strategic and Institutional Research Initiatives
Philippe Jacques, Administrator, Strategic and Institutional Research Grants
Michelle Anderson, Accounting Assistant, Strategic and Institutional Research Grants

Research Development

Dominique Michaud, Director
Maya Cerda, Advisor, Research Development
Michele Kaplan
Advisor, Research Development
Lyse Larose
, Advisor, Research Development
Arlene Segal
, Advisor, Research Development
Lauren Segall, Advisor, Research Development
Lynn Roy, Advisor, Preventive Health Research Development

Research Grants Administration

Andrea Rodney, Manager
Shazma Abdulla, Admininistrator, Research Grants
Nancy Lulic, Assistant, Research Grants

Research Ethics

Monica Toca, Manager, Research Ethics
Karen Gregg, Coordinator, Research Ethics

Research Partnerships and Innovation

Shelley Sitahal, Director
Vanessa Buzzelli, Advisor, Internship and Service Agreements
Jonathan Farber, Intellectual Property Specialist
Nadia Manni, Research Agreements Specialist
Karan Singh, Research Agreements Specialist
Guillermo Mendoza-Suarez, Advisor, Research Development and Partnerships (OOR/ENCS)

Research Events and Information Systems

Loredana Carbone, Manager
Matthew Adie, Analyst, Research Information Systems

Knowledge Mobilization

Prem Sooriyakumar, Knowledge Broker
David Ward
, Knowledge Broker






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