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Faculty members

  • pk langshaw
    department chair, Design and Computation Arts
    professor, Design and Computation Arts
    fellow of the loyola college for diversity &sustainability, Loyola International College
    directrice of d_verse lab (&all things verse, reversed, in.verse), Fine Arts

    social design, research-creation, media arts, social creativity, textile arts, poetics, performance art, responsive environments, experimental typography, interface design, social networks, collective creations, community-university, the live of animals, clothing and dress, activism, urban futures, democratic values, ethnocultural diversity, sustainability studies
  • Jason Edward Lewis
    Professor of Computation Arts, Design and Computation Arts
    University Research Chair in Computational Media and the Indigenous Future Imaginary
    Trudeau Fellow
    Research Director, Obx Labs
    Director, Initiative for Indigenous Futures
    Co-director, Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace
    Co-director, Skins Workshops on Aboriginal Storytelling and Digital Media

    Indigenous new media, Indigenous futures, digital poetry, the future imaginary, computational typography, computational culture, media arts, digital games, game studies and design, digital textuality, experimental typography, virtual environments, poetry, typographic design, computational aesthetics, Indigenous Peoples, mobile media, interface design, digital culture, science fiction
  • Rhona Richman Kenneally
    Professor, Design and Computation Arts
    Fellow and co-founder, School of Irish Studies

    food studies, built environment, materiality, design justice, design theory, domestic space, conceptions of home, Irish studies, Expo 67, wearables, ecosophy, culture and commemoration, mindful eating
  • Christopher Lloyd Salter
    Professor - Computation Arts, Design and Computation Arts
    University Research Chair in New Media, Technology and the Senses
    Co-Director, Hexagram Network for Research-Creation in Media Arts, Design, Technology and Digital Culture
    Director, Hexagram Concordia
    Associate Director, Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology
    Director, xmodal

    immersion, machine learning, new media theory, STS, performance, haptics, senses, embodiment, digital audio, sensory studies, sensory ethnography, interaction design, media art history, sound design, critical AI studies, posthumanism, philosophy of technology, enactive cognition, research-creation
  • Joanna Maria Berzowska
    Associate Dean Research, Fine Arts
    Associate Professor, Design and Computation Arts
    Research Director, XS Labs
    Head of electronic textiles, OM signal

    electronic textiles, interactive design, responsive garments, fibres, flexible circuitry, interactivity, wearables, clothing and dress, identity, reactive fashion, aesthetics, transdisciplinarity, textile arts, smart textiles, physical computing, human-computer interaction, fashion tech, human generated power sensors, squishy interfaces
  • Carmela Cucuzzella
    Associate Professor, Design and Computation Arts
    Concordia University Research Chair in Integrated Design, Ecology, And Sustainability (IDEAS) for the Built Environment

    design studies, sustainability studies, architecture studies, built environment, cities, eco-design, eco-architecture, public space design, architecture competitions, teaching buildings, sustainability assessment tools, complex dynamic systems
  • Rilla Khaled
    Associate Professor, Design and Computation Arts
    Director of Technoculture, Art, and Games (TAG) lab
    Strategic Hire in Digital Media, Learning, and Games

    game studies and design, critical design, persuasive design, cultural differences, interaction design, serious games, participatory design, experimental game design, gamification, third wave HCI, digital games, speculative design, human-computer interaction, qualitative methods, ethnography, design thinking, user experience, interface design, indigenous futures, cross-cultural psychology
  • Christopher Moore
    Associate Professor, Design and Computation Arts
    Graduate Program Director - MDes (Interim), Design and Computation Arts

    humour and parody, playfulness, social change, visual communication, information design, semiotics, design theory, typographic design, satire, new media studies, art practice, Cuddle Commandos, installation, performance art, sculpture, storytelling, interactivity, everydayness, design economies, graphic design
  • Martin Racine
    Professor and Graduate Program Director, Design and Computation Arts
    Professeur titulaire et Directeur du programme d'études supérieures, Design and Computation Arts

    ecodesign, rapid prototyping, design history, industrial design, exhibition design, design for sustainability, product development, 3D design, semiotics, crowdsourcing, social media, internet studies, material culture, consumption, design epistemology, environmental ethics, sustainable development
  • M. Wright
    Associate Professor, Design and Computation Arts

    typography, publication design, exhibition design, archival practices, feminist and queer histories, participatory creation
  • Pippin Barr
    Assistant Professor, Design and Computation Arts
    Associate Director, Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) Research Centre
    Undergraduate Program Director (Computation Arts), Design and Computation Arts
    COOP Academic Director, Design and Computation Arts

    digital games, experimental game design, critical design, playfulness, video games, game studies and design, interactivity, speculative design, interaction design, human-computer interaction, indigenous futures, contemporary art, interface design, independent games, interactive narrative, digital technologies
  • Jonathan Lessard
    Associate Professor, Design and Computation Arts
    Primary Investigator (LabLabLab)

    history of games, game studies and design, digital games, adventure games, interactive narrative, genre, narrative, 3d Imaging, interactivity, interaction design, rendering, computer graphics, natural language processing, human-computer interaction, virtual environments, interface design
  • Alice Jarry
    Assistant Professor, Design and Computation Arts

    materiality, urban futures, design for sustainability, research-creation, smart infrastructures, digital media, installation, interactivity, site-specific interventions, responsive environments, waste management, environmental strategies, land use, critical design, social design, socially committed art practice, aesthetics, visual arts

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