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How to Create a Curriculum Vitae for Academic Positions

November 19, 2015
By GradProSkills


Writing an academic CV is a different ball game than in the business or public sector. If you plan on pursuing employment in academia, take a look at the following resources before starting to apply for those teaching jobs.

On length:

The two-page limit to your CV doesn’t apply here, notes Rachel Bowden. But if your CV stretches out for pages (which it might, since you’ll be including a full list of publications, awards and the like), “you’ll need to think carefully about the structure you use to make sure the length doesn’t put a potential employer off reading it.” Bowden also lists 37 (!) other tips on writing an academic CV in her post for Nature Jobs worth checking out.

On having a summary:

James Hayton, the author of PhD: an uncommon guide to research, writing & PhD life, suggests putting a summary of 3 to 5 lines high up on the first page. “Everything else you put in your CV needs to support that opening statement,” he writes.

On structure:

  • From education to references, the way you structure your content is fairly standardized. Dr. Karen’s Rules of the Academic CV is an excellent section-by-section breakdown of what information you need to provide, in what order.
  • Vitae also has notes on what you should include and how to structure each section. They also recommend making sure other people read your CV, from career advisors (at CAPS, for example) to your mentor or supervisor.


Photo courtesy of The Italian Voice on Flickr.

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