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Your April mentor tip: stay productive this summer

‘Explore new interests without the worry of deadlines,’ says English Literature student Abigail Candelora
May 3, 2018
By Abigail Candelora


Summer promises warm weather, outdoor activities and so much free time!

In the lead-up to summer, I always tell myself I’ll use the extra time I have to read 10 books, go on hikes and play piano. Then when it finally comes around, I end up dawdling it away.

Not this year!

Here are some tips on how to stay productive this summer.

1. Learn something new

Are you itching to take more courses or get one step closer to graduation? If you are, Concordia has two summer sessions that offer a multitude of courses in many departments.

Not only is this a great opportunity to get more credits under your belt, it’s also much more enjoyable to take a class while warm sunlight streams through the windows.

You have until May 9 to sign up for summer courses through the MyConcordia portal.

Even if summer courses aren’t your thing, you can still learn something new! Explore new interests — like playing an instrument or cooking — without worrying about deadlines or how the results will affect your GPA.

If it’s something you end up loving, you may have even found a new de-stressor for the next school year. 

I have a beginner watercolour set and a book on knitting collecting dust on my bookshelf — what better time than the summer break to finally try them out?

2. Keep a routine

If you’re not taking any courses and you haven’t found a summer job yet, it’s tempting to skip the alarm and sleep ‘till noon. Keeping a routine can help you stay productive whether you’re taking classes, looking for a job, working or just kicking back!

If I have absolutely no structure to my day, I’ll end up lying in bed and doing lots of nothing. This isn’t a bad thing to indulge in occasionally, but summer can fly by if it’s happening on all your days off.

Set aside a portion of your free days for an activity you love, wake up at the same time every morning or make a daily to-do list.

Adding just a little bit of structure to your days can help keep you on track.

3. Get outside

We all know what winter is like — it’s way too long and cold.

So, when the days are warm and bright and the sun doesn’t set before 7 or 8 p.m., take advantage of it! Time spent in the sun improves your mood and energy levels — two incredibly important factors in your productivity!

There are also so many things to see and do in Montreal — from parks and festivals, to markets and terraces —  take advantage of the sun while you can. In what seems like a blink of an eye, these spots will be packed up again for winter!

4. Rest

More than anything, it’s okay to allow yourself to take time to rest — it is called summer break, after all.

To many, working long hours and sacrificing sleep indicates drive, productivity, and success. This culture of “busy-bragging” is incredibly detrimental to our mental and physical health.

Much like our bodies, if we don’t give our minds some time for rest, we’ll burn out. Taking time to chill out doesn’t mean you’re lazy or unmotivated — it’s an important part of achieving any goal!

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