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The brand new ‘human GPS' for Concordia students

Sign up now for the Navigator Program and get connected to the resources you need
January 11, 2018
By Christian Durand


Concordia is a large university with loads of services available to help students succeed. But figuring out where to go when you need resources isn’t always easy.

That’s where the Navigator Program comes in. Navigators are dedicated Concordia staff and faculty members who know the university well and can point you in the right direction.

Whether you need information on academic issues, resources outside the classroom, financial support or matters related to your health and well-being, a Navigator will be there for you throughout your student journey.

They will also send you emails concerning important dates and events taking place at Concordia.

If you’re interested in giving the program a try, simply sign up and someone will contact you within a few business days.

‘A big place, but a tight-knit community’

Lisa Ostiguy, Concordia’s deputy provost, says the Navigator Program is about adding a personal touch to the way the university delivers services.

“Think of it as a human GPS system. Concordia is a big place, but also a tight-knit community. We want our students to know that there is someone who can help them with any questions they have.”

The Navigator Program was piloted last year with a select group. Based on its popularity, it’s now open to the entire student body.

Need help making your way around Concordia? Request a Navigator today!

Would you prefer support from an experienced student?

If you’re a first-year undergrad or graduate student you can connect with the Welcome Crew student mentors who will provide one-on-one support and guidance before the school year starts and throughout your first year.

They can help with questions related to:

  • Common challenges students face in the first year of an undergraduate or graduate program
  • Getting to know the campuses and campus life at Concordia
  • Orientation and student services
  • Using the Concordia website and the MyConcordia Portal
  • Understanding university terminology, policies and procedures

Essentially, Student Mentors provide tips for thriving at Concordia based on their own experiences as students. They also provide new students with a kind, respectful, encouraging and supportive presence, as well as an attentive, listening ear.

Request to be paired with a mentor today!


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