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The Board of Governors approves an agreement-in-principle between CUPFA and Concordia

The collective agreement will come into effect once it’s signed by both parties
August 25, 2017
By S. Baker

On August 24, the Board of Governors approved the agreement-in-principle reached between Concordia and the Concordia University Part-Time Faculty Association (CUPFA), on the terms of the renewal of a collective agreement.

Nadia Hardy, vice-provost of Faculty Relations, is pleased with the agreement that was reached and the relationships that were built throughout the negotiations.

“I would like to thank all the people at the table for their perseverance, dedication and collaboration during the process,” she says.

Robert Soroka, president of CUPFA, expressed his satisfaction with the university’s openness to listen and discuss issues throughout the negotiation process.

“We feel that this agreement recognizes many of our members’ concerns and lays a good foundation for future talks.”

Roger Côté, vice-president of Services, agrees.

“We can be proud of the work that we’ve done to reach this agreement,” he says.

“I’m looking forward to building on this achievement during our future meetings.”

The new agreement will come into effect once both parties sign it and will be posted on Concordia web pages shortly. 

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