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How to achieve academic success with integrity

A new, compulsory online web tutorial guides graduate students to produce original research
April 10, 2017
By James Roach

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Academic integrity is the bedrock of fair and responsible knowledge production.

To this end, Concordia has developed what Paula Wood-Adams, dean of Graduate Studies, calls a “comprehensive online tutorial for graduate students.”

The Academic Success and Integrity Module (ASIM) was created by the School of Graduate Studies in partnership with the Concordia Library and eConcordia. It provides PhD, master’s, graduate diploma, graduate certificate and qualifying students with the knowledge required to produce original work in compliance with the university’s Academic Code of Conduct.

The new compulsory module includes text, as well as videos and short quizzes, and requires approximately 45 minutes for students to finish.

Upon completion of the module, graduate students will be better equipped to understand the importance of academic integrity and the consequences of academic misconduct at Concordia.

More specifically, it provides key information about how to properly cite sources, appropriately use copyright-protected works, understand good research practices, discover university resources that can assist them in succeeding in their academic endeavours and recognize academic offences such as unauthorized collaboration and falsification.

“It’s one of the many ways we support graduate students,” says Guylaine Beaudry, university librarian.

“By making this module a registration requirement, we can better ensure that students are familiar with the ways and means of producing original research.”

PLEASE NOTE: All newly admitted Concordia graduate students are now required to complete the online ASIM tutorial prior to registration. 

Contact the eConcordia helpdesk with any technical inquiries.

Complete Concordia’s Academic Success and Integrity Module today. 


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