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Concordia’s Sir George Williams Campus spring construction update

Work is set to begin on the Hall entrances, Bishop Street, and the annexes

Illustration courtesy of Aislin Illustration courtesy of Aislin

Replacement of the Hall Building entrances

Between May 2 and February 3, the entrances to the Henry F. Hall Building will undergo a complete overhaul which will include new doors, interior frame, vestibule, floor slabs, drainage pipes, and lighting. This marks the first time that the entrances, built in 1966, have been replaced.

Due to increased traffic in the building, the circular doors will also be replaced with single doors.

The shuttle bus stop will remain unchanged.

Here’s a look at when the different entrances will be open and closed:

May 2 to July 14: The main entrance, located at 1455 de Maisonneuve Boulevard West, will be closed. The building will be accessible via the Mackay and Bishop Street entrances.Renovations to the emergency exit staircases of the annexes

September 19 to November 18: The Bishop Street entrance will be closed. The building will be accessible via the main (De Maisonneuve Boulevard West) entrance, as well as the Mackay Street entrance.

November 21 to February 3: The Mackay Street entrance will be closed. The building will be accessible via the main entrance, as well as the Bishop Street entrance.

Renovations to the emergency exit staircases of the annexes

An overhaul of the annexes' emergency exit staircases will take place beginning on April 25 until August, from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Affected buildings :

P, T, RR, R, FA, EN, X, Z, PR, V, CI, B, S, D, K, MI

  • The front entrance must be used to enter and exit the annexes.
  • All emergency staircases will remain accessible in the event of an emergency.
  • Parking spots will be temporarily relocated, based on the progress of the work.
  • Annexes that will undergo demolition, concreting, welding and painting work are CI,B, PR, X, RR EN, V, Z, S.
  • Annexes that will undergo welding and painting work are: P, T, R, FA,X,K, D, MI

Some construction noise is expected. Please contact the Facilities Management service centre at 514-848-2424, ext. 2400 with any questions. 

Bishop Street gets a new look

Between May 2 and November 30, the area of Bishop Street between Sherbrooke Street and De Maisonneuve Boulevard will be inaccessible to vehicles. If you’re on foot you’ll still be able to access the area, but the flow of traffic will be redirected since the sidewalk will be closed. Don’t worry, there will be signage!

The renovations will bring this area in line with the rest of Quartier Concordia. Changes include the enlargement of sidewalks, the addition of benches and trees, charging stations for electric cars, a drop-off area for cars, as well as new light fixtures and a new membrane for the Hall building foundation wall on Bishop.

Please note that due to construction, all bike racks on Bishop Street have been painted and stored away. The racks will be reinstalled in the summer of 2017.


Full details and renderings of the Bishop Street reconstruction project, a joint initiative with the City of Montreal and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, will be revealed later this month. Stay tuned!


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