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Be Aware. Move With Care.

Stay alert on the busy streets around campus
September 3, 2014
Source: University Communications Services


The quiet of late summer has given way to the buzz of back-to-school as Concordia students return and begin planning their busy fall terms. Due to the sudden influx, Concordia’s Security Department is reminding students, faculty and staff to be hyper aware of their surroundings when walking, cycling and driving to and from school.

“Rain or shine, it is important to remind everyone to be aware and move with care when crossing busy boulevards and streets — not just the ones surrounding Concordia University, but everywhere you go,”  says Lyne Denis, an Investigator-Preventionist with the university’s Security Department. Denis and her colleagues can be spotted over the next few weeks handing out safety postcards and reflective decals at major intersections on the downtown campus.

“Pay attention to traffic signals and acknowledge, follow and respect pedestrians crossing signs. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Remove your headphones and put away your cell phone or other distractions as they will impede your safety and security.”   

Following the walking pedestrian sign

  • When lit up, you can cross the street, if and when it is safe to do so. The safest place to cross is within the white painted crosswalk lines.
  • The amber flashing hand warns that it's too late to begin crossing if you haven't started yet. Wait until the walking pedestrian light appears again before crossing the street.
  • The steady hand means you should not cross the street. Wait until the walking pedestrian light is displayed before crossing.
  • Countdown timers are present only at some intersections. You will see a countdown timer below the signals. The numbers are equal to seconds, which will begin counting down while the flashing hand appears. If you have not yet entered the intersection, do not attempt to beat the clock.
  • For a flashing walk sign without a countdown, pedestrians who are already crossing should hurry across to the other sidewalk or safety zone. Pedestrians who are not yet on the crosswalk should wait for the next walk signal.
  • In the absence of pedestrian signals, the pedestrian must conform to the traffic lights.

Your SAFETY is our priority

Here are a few safety tips we encourage everyone to observe:

  • Always cross the street at an intersection, not at the middle of a block.
  • Know that jaywalking is illegal, and you can be fined $37.
  • Obey all traffic signs and signals at intersections.
  • Always check that the intersection is clear and that drivers and cyclists see you before stepping onto the crosswalk or road.
  • Make eye contact with other road users and wait for cars and cyclists to stop before crossing.
  • Staying safe also means watching for drivers who make unexpected manoeuvres.
  • Make yourself visible by wearing bright or reflective clothing. Consider carrying a flashlight or flashing red light at night.

Pick up a Be Aware reflective decal at any Security service point on campus. They can be used on your bike, backpack or even on clothing.

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