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What’s up with all the hard hats at the Vanier Library?

Renovations to enhance services are underway
February 25, 2014
By James Roach

Third floor of the Vanier Library: Future home of the Collection Services Division. | Photo by Concordia University

If you’ve recently visited the Vanier Library, you probably noticed construction crews and a vast empty space on the third floor.  

Concordia is making changes to the Loyola Campus library as part of an overall plan to improve the efficiency and quality of library spaces in response to the needs of a growing student population.

The renovations include two additional group study rooms, and improvements to two existing study rooms. All four will be equipped with new technology.

The Vanier Library renovations are closely related to the vision recently unveiled for the Webster Transformation Project. A primary feature is the relocation of Collection Services.

“Moving the department to the Vanier Library will enable the Webster Library to gain the space required to begin its metamorphosis into a more modern and spacious library for individual study and group collaboration,” says Interim University Librarian Guylaine Beaudry.

“Today’s students need spaces that facilitate intellectual discourse and social interaction. With the move, we are now one step closer to realizing this vision as part of the Webster Library Transformation.”

The preliminary plans for the Webster Library Transformation Project are complete, and a consultation process will begin shortly. It involves obtaining feedback from students and faculty on furniture prototypes, as well as technology that will enable more active and collaborative student learning.

Library services will be uninterrupted during the Vanier Library renovations and noise-insulated walls will soon be built to keep potential disruptions to a mimimum.

As the renovations progress, students and faculty will be able to access the collections. The books have been relocated to the second floor, and journals are now situated in compact automated shelving on the library’s first floor.  

Students will still have access to the same number of study tables; the tables on the third floor have been moved to the second floor.

For more details, read the Vanier Library renovations FAQ.

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