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Blood donor prohibition. Price of Oil. Basketball: standing tall for Concordia. Stinging the Redmen.

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Posted on October 18, 2017

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Current students at Concordia do outstanding academic work and get involved in community projects that improve our quality of life. See what they've been up to:  

  • Concordia student John Hutton is interviewed by CBC 'Homerun' radio show host Sue Smith. Hutton is challenging a policy that continues to prohibit gay men from donating blood. He says the prohibition, in effect in many places since the 90's, is steeped in homophobia.
  • The Toronto Star runs a follow-up story about a leak of toxic benzene from a chemical plant in Sarnia, Ontario in February, 2014, and notes that the government report on the incident was obtained by a group of investigators working on a project that involved journalism students at Concordia and Ryerson. The investigative reporting project, 'The Price of Oil', focusing on operations at oil wells in Saskatchewan, produced a series of eight news and opinion pieces, found in the National Observer.
  • Le Soleil, writing about the basketball program at Université Laval, reports that the Stingers women's basketball team has signed a player from Pittsburgh who stands at 6'11" (2.11 m). The Concordia player is not named in the article.
  • Le Délit, McGill's French-language student paper, reports on last weekend's 36-10 Stingers football win over the Redmen.
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