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Chris Salter's Haptic Field at the Muffathalle in Munich

Haptic Field in Muffathalle, Munich, Germany Haptic Field in Muffathalle, Munich, Germany

After touring in Vienna and Berlin this summer, Haptic Field comes to the Muffathalle in Munich. In this participatory immersive installation by Chris Salter and TeZ, visitors are plunged into a unique experience that blurs our senses of touch, vision and hearing. Originally produced for the Chronus Art Centre in Shanghai, China in 2016, this new version of Haptic Field merges contemporary fashion, cutting edge wearable technologies and an exploration of the senses beyond sight. Visitors wear suits especially designed and produced by the Chinese international fashion brand JNBY that are covered with custom designed sensors/actuators  as well as a translucent visor which obscures vision almost entirely. The audience then enters a continually shifting, hallucinatory, almost dream-like environment where nothing is what it seems. Haptic Field sets the stage for experiential insights into one of our most under-explored senses –  touch – and creates a singular and uncanny physical experience of our senses stretching beyond the body’s boundaries.

MUFFATWERK - Zellstraße 4, 81667 München
November 16 - November 19, 2017

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