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Art Hives Symposium brings 130 practitioners to Concordia

Dr. Janis Timm-Bottos and her Art Hives team welcomed over 130 practitioners to Concordia University's Guadagni Lounge on May 31st and June 1st for the 2019 Art Hives Symposium. Coming from six Canadian provinces and five American states, these therapists, educators, artists, social workers, healthcare practitioners, funders and others came together to reflect on how Art Hives matter, to expand their toolkits and connections, and deepen the practice towards increased sustainability, impact and mutual care. Students from CATS 631/ARTE 398: Community Art Studio: Methods and Materials class were also in attendance, many of who took part in documenting the two day event.

The first day opened with a story told by Mohawk elder Philip Deering, inviting us to reflect on the gifts we each bring, and the power of horizontality. Participants were invited to share their stories, exploring how one own's and each others' gifts manifest through the work. The second day invited attendees to literally dig into "what is coming into being" by engaging in art making with clay and natural materials, led by sculptor Catherine Lachance.  The Art Hives principles were reviewed in order to deepen their meaning followed by a Pro-Action Café.

A brief documentary video was filmed during the event, addressing the question: "How do Art Hives matter?".

Keep an eye out on the Art Hives website ( for this video, as well as photos and reports to be posted very soon.

The Art Hives Symposium was preceded by a workshop by author and art therapist Dr. Pat B. Allen, visiting speaker from California, inviting participants into a Collective Inquiry through Art process, in which they explored the Role of Witness in the Creative Process. This workshop reached full capacity with 65 participants. More on Dr. Allen's work can be found here:

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