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Graduate student job ops: Invigilators in December 2018 at Concordia | Apply by: October 1

The Concordia Exams Office employs hundreds of invigilators each session to supervise and administer undergraduate final exams. They engage a large number of graduate students as invigilators in this capacity. The final exam period will run from December 5 to December 19, 2018. The invigilator position is a casual, contract position within the University, the pay is hourly and set at minimum wage ($12.00/hr). Once an invigilator is hired for an exam session, they may choose to also work in future exams sessions.

The Concordia Exams Office is currently accepting applications for this position and will do so until Monday, October 1. Interested parties can send their CV's to this email address (

Here is the link to the job profile on the website:

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