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April 16, 2019: Invited Speaker Seminar: Urban Development and Vitality, Mobility Biographies and Quality of Life: an Overview

Dr. Philippe Gerber

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 9:30 am
Room EV001.162


In this presentation, we would like to focus on new research avenues developed under a joint umbrella theme for the Urban development and Mobility (UDM) Department research in LISER – Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research. UDM research focuses on the transformative capacities of individuals, households, firms, and other actors to stimulate sustainable urban transitions, with the transversal and recent concept of ‘urban vitality’. We will develop this perspective through current or future projects embedded in the general theme ‘Living in urban dynamics’: How individuals and their households experience and deal with the dynamics in their environments?’ We want to understand their behavioural decisions in daily travel behaviour, use of Information and Communication Technologies etc. Furthermore, we also study the implications of exposures of individuals and their households to dynamic urban environments for their health and societal participation. Different examples dedicated to identifying effective behavioural strategies to support abilities of individuals to improve their quality of life will be part of the talk.


Philippe Gerber is a geographer with main interests in land use and transport interaction models (LUTI), especially those linking residential and daily mobility using spatial analysis and econometric tools especially at the individual level. He also has some expertise in survey design, specifically linked to travel behaviour, and the application of related analytical methods. He works at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research – LISER and published about 35 international papers indexed in Scopus.  Philippe is a one year visiting scholar at the School of Urban Planning and the Department of Geography at McGill University, and at the Faculty of Environmental Planning at the University of Montreal, Canada, up to July 2019.


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