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CIISE Distinguished Seminar: Denial Of Service As a Service-Asymmetrical Warfare At Its Finest

Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering

Robert Masse,
CEO, Swift Identity Team

Date: Dec. 2 (4:00 pm)
Location: EV3.309


Imagine being DDOS’d repeatedly with up to 10Gbps of traffic on a daily basis. Your logs are useless (when your systems are even able to collect data). How do you stop the attacks? Crippling Distributed Denial of Service “As a Service” or DDoSaaS ™ attacks can be done with $200 lifetime memberships against the largest organizations around –and almost impossible to stop. Asymmetrical warfare at its finest.

The presentation will focus on an investigation that was done in 2013 regarding a large DDOS attack against a regional ISP in Quebec, Canada. The DDOS attack affected tens of thousands of citizens including municipal 911 services (don’t ask) to chicken farmers.

We’ll talk about the investigative techniques (including social engineering) that were used to track down the suspect and the eventual arrest.


Robert Masse is an accomplished visionary, security strategist and business leader with twenty years of experience in security and information technology. Leveraging an energetic leadership style with effective execution skills, he has a strong ability to present complex security and business issues with clarity and credibility that allows him to secure management alignment to obtain company objectives.

An entrepreneur at heart, Robert has enjoyed contributing to the success of several start-ups over the last 15 years, with his most recent company earning him a semi-finalist position for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award.
Over his career, Robert has been widely recognized for his ability to give proper executive guidance to mismanaged business initiatives that have spanned across the globe (with a strong focus in Asia).

Considered a mentor by many employees he has managed and worked with over the years, he provides leadership to his team by promoting and mobilizing professional accountability, coaching and team development.

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