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Seminar by Mohamed El Kandri (CEO Fast Access Blockchain)

August 22, 2018

Speaker: Mohamed EL KANDRI (CEO Fast Access Blockchain)                                                                                     

Title:  Blockchain Enterprise Applications: Opportunities and challenges

Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Time: 10:30AM

Room: EV11.119


Technology is changing the way we live, we interact and we do business, the world around us is evolving at a fast pace, think about couple years, the business models that Internet has enabled, the internet of information era, where people were exchanging e-mail instantaneously instead of waiting days and days to receive a piece of information.

In today’s world, we are not exchanging just information, these business models require a transfer of value layer to enable transfer of value and also assets, this is what the Blockchain revolution has enabled. Today Blockchain has reshaped the future of different industries and processes function including finance, insurance, supply chain, identification, evidence, and digital property.

In this session, we will discuss the opportunuties of Blockchain technology, explore examples of use cases and cover the challenges that Blockchain technology is facing to demystify how enterprises can take advantage of this technology.



Mohamed is a Blockchain enthusiast who is passionate about Blockchain technology and committed to help growing the Blockchain ecosystem in Canada and around the world. He has over 11 years experience in finance, marketing, education, hospitality, product design, big data analytics and strategy with well renowned organisations. He is a strong critical thinker and has a passion for innovation.

Mohamed is very active in the Blockchain space. He is the CEO of Fast Access Blockchain, he leads the strategic initiatives at The BlockchainHub - York University and also led the C-Lab incubation program, the first peer-to-peer community based incubation program for Blockchain startups. He was also a mentor at the Blockchain for Social Impact Hackathon, the first international decentralized impact accelerator, where teams around the world solved challenges around financial inclusion, supply chain, identity & vulnerable populations and energy & environment.

His research is keenly focused on the intersection of Blockchain with other technologies, what he likes to call "The Autonomous Revolution". This has lead him to be the program manager of the Certified IoT Professional, Certified Ethereum Developer and Certified Blockhain Professional courses at The BlockchainHub – York University. He is an active member of the Internet Society Blockchain Special Interest group and had the opportunity to co-author a white paper on over-the-top services policy and how Blockchain technology can help solve problems such as worldwide broadband connectivity, copyright infringement and decentralised partnership models. He presented the white paper at the International Telecommunication Union meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

Mohamed is also a member of the Global Blockchain Consortium and the International Blockchain Advisory Council, he has co-organised one of the few Blockchain technology agnostic hackathons with +150 participants at York University.

Furthermore, Mohamed is a "Durland Innovation Award" recipient for a Blockchain use case; The use case was described as "A cutting edge security technology to protect artists from forgeries and theft.” He is also holder of the "Beta Gamma Sigma International Award”, the highest recognition a business graduate can receive anywhere in the world.

Finally, Mohamed is an international speaker, he is fluently trilingual and holds a Bachelor degree in Banking and Insurance and two Masters degrees, the first in Business Administration and Engineering Logistics, the second in Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Mohamed is the host of the "BlockShow avec Mo" at ThatChannel TV in Toronto, he is a Certified Ethereum developer and IBM Blockchain Certified.

Mohamed continues his research on some of the roadblocks of Blockchain mainstream adoption including scalability, interoperability and privacy.

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