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April 12 - Doctoral Seminar: Razieh Mehri-Dehnavi

March 28, 2018

Speaker: Razieh Mehri-Dehnavi

Supervisor: Dr. V. Haarslev

Supervisory Committee: Drs. F. Khendek, J. Rilling, R. Witte

Title: Learning the Rule Ordering for JFact Reasoner

Date: Thursday, April 12  2018

Time: 11:40 a.m.

Place: EV 3.309


Description logic (DL) reasoners use different optimization techniques. These techniques help the reasoners to improve their run-time performance. FaCT++ introduces a ToDo list mechanism which is a substitute for top-down approach in tableau-based systems. ToDo approach controls the order of applying rule types by giving them priority. We believe that learning the order of applying these rules can have a great impact on the reasoning speed.

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