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Newsletter - November 2018

November 2, 2018
Source: MIGS


  • On 1 November MIGS’ friend and supporter, Paul Dewar, was given the highest honour from the city of Ottawa, the key to the city. Paul Dewar is a former Member of Parliament who twice served as Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Prevention of Genocide and Other Crimes Against Humanity, MIGS’ institutional partner. Mr. Dewar has worked closely with MIGS over the years on various human rights issue and most recently participated in the #RightsCity conference at Concordia University. You can watch the ceremony here.
  • MIGS is pleased to announce Dr. Joana Cook as a new Digital Fellow. Currently a Teaching Fellow at King’s College London, her research primarily focuses on women and violent extremism as well as counter-terrorism efforts in Yemen and the Middle East region. She is also a researcher for the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security, and Society.

Upcoming Events

November 8

  • MIGS will be hosting a discussion titled, “An Update from the Yemen War: A Discussion with the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies.” Chairman and co-founder of the Sana’a Centre for Strategic Studies, Farea al-Muslimi and the Centre’s chief editor, Spencer Osberg, will be leading the discussion regarding the war and humanitarian crisis occurring in Yemen. The two visited Yemen in September and will be providing a snapshot of the situation on the ground, while discussing the most recent developments. Registration is mandatory and can be found here.

December 9

  • MIGS will be hosting an event at Concordia, in partnership with the Montreal Holocaust Museum and the Canadian Human Rights Museum, to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Genocide Convention. Details on this event are soon to come.

Recent Events

October 16

  • MIGS hosted Eirliani A. Rahman, the current Program Director at the Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation US, former Singaporean diplomat, and a member of the BMW Foundation’s Responsible Leaders Network. Ms. Rahman discussed her work and latest book, “Survivors: Breaking the Silence on Child Sexual Abuse.”

October 16

  • Digital Fellow Dr. Joana Cook gave a lecture at the University of Regina titled,A Woman's Place? Women in Terrorism and Counterterrorism since 9/11.”

October 17

  • MIGS hosted a distinguished group of speakers to discuss the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi and what it means for human rights and press freedom - both in Saudi Arabia and around the world. The panel included Omar Abdulaziz, a Saudi student and political activist who is seeking asylum in Canada and journalists Lisa Goldman and Agnes Gruda. Concordia’s newspaper, The Concordian, covered the story, which can be read here.  

October 18

  • MIGS, in partnership with McGill, Education Quebec and the Thomas More Institute, hosted the inaugural lecture of the Warren Allmand Lecture Series. The lecture was given by celebrated public intellectual and writer John Ralston Saul about the fight for Freedom of Expression around the world. Find more information about the lecture series here.

October 30

  • MIGS hosted a discussion with Digital Fellow and former Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) analyst Phil Gurski, who spoke about his new book, An End to the War on Terrorism.”

November 1-2

  • Kyle Matthews attended the 47th annual Canadian Council on International Law Conference and participated in the panel “The Role of International Criminal Law and ICC in Responding to the Alleged Crimes Perpetrated against the Rohingya where he discussed how social media was used to demonize and incite violence against the Rohingya minority. The panel was organized by the Canadian Partnership for International Justice with the participation of Payam Akhavan (McGill), Fannie Lafontaine (Universite de Laval) and Valerie Oosterveld University of Western Ontario.

In the media

October 14

  • Fellow Fanny Lafontaine co-wrote an opinion piece for the Canadian Centre for International Justice titled, “What Canada can do now to Bring Justice for the Rohingya.”

October 16

  • Digital Fellow Phil Gurski was interviewed by Global News on the potential Ontario bill to strip returning extremist fighters of licenses and benefits.

October 17

October 18

  • Kyle Mathews was interviewed on the Global News radio show, Afternoons with Rob Breakenridge. The episode is titled “The Case for Prosecuting ISIS Returnees” and can be found here.

October 20

  • Kyle Matthews was interviewed for Global News’ Roy Green Show on the need to prosecute returning foreign ISIS fighters. Listen to the full podcast here.

October 21

  • Fellow Andrei Serbin Pont was quoted in an article for El Independiente about Cuba’s potential for reform under its new president.

October 22

  • Kyle Matthews was quoted in an editorial by Le Devoir titled,Combattants du groupe EI: non à l’impunité.”

October 22

  • Fellow Michael Petrou published an article for Open Canada about the US and Canada’s treatment of Saudi Arabia.

October 23

  • Digital Fellow Phil Gurski was interviewed on CBC’s radio show, The Current, about whether alleged foreign fighters for ISIS -- such as Jack Letts – should be brought back to Canada. Listen to the episode here.

October 23

  • Kyle Matthews was interviewed by CTV Montreal on the death of Jamal Khashoggi. Watch the interview here.

October 25

  • Kyle Mathews was interviewed by Shawn Apel on his CBC radio show, Radio Noon Montreal. On the episode, “Is it Time to get Tough on Saudi Arabia?” they discussed the recent events surrounding Saudi Arabia and what actions Canada should take in response to such events.  

October 29

·         Marie Lamensch is quoted in The National Observer Canada’s relationship with Saudi Arabia and the murder of Jamal Khashoggi


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