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Immigration Studies makes its way to Concordia

The School of Community and Public Affairs will offer a Minor and Certificate in the Fall
January 18, 2018
By Cristina Sanza

DSC00943 'Sculpture of the Greek Immigrant' by Giorgos Houliaras, corner of Park Avenue and Jean-Talon. Photo credit: Chedly Belkhodja

Whether it’s the Syrian refugee crisis or US President Donald Trump’s stances on immigration, such world-changing topics beg to be explored in the classroom, as a means to better understand and improve societies near and far.

For Concordia students, it will be possible to tackle subjects like these as of September 2018, as the School of Community and Public Affairs (SCPA) will be offering two new programs—a minor and a certificate in Immigration studies.

The programs will introduce students to fundamental concepts, research and analysis in the politics, history, sociology, geography and anthropology of migration. Students will also gain knowledge about national and international immigration policies and how they shape public policies and practices in Quebec and Canada.

“Today, we are witnessing many global transformations in the world and migration is one of them,” says Chedly Belkhodja, principal of the SCPA. “Immigration, migration and diversity are major contemporary issues in Canada and Quebec. With growing mobility and debates around identities and cultural differences, we need to have a better understanding of these dynamics in order to build more welcoming and inclusive societies.”

The certificate program can be beneficial for practitioners who would like to reinforce their practical experience with academic training, says Belkhodja. With this option, individuals interested in the field of immigration will have the opportunity to receive recognition in this domain without having to complete a full degree.

The minor, in comparison, is the ideal complement for students entering or enrolled in social science-focused programs such as anthropology, philosophy, political science, journalism, psychology or sociology.

“Students will be exposed to an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach to the field of immigration, which will enable them to better understand its complexity and many facets,” says Belkhodja. “The SCPA offers a great setting because of its philosophy to teaching and learning through community engagement.”

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