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Elena Killiakova

September 6, 2017


I am currently undertaking a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Governance at UNSW Sydney, and I have been involved in multiple community projects, both in Australia and Russia.

My research focuses on access to higher education for refugee youth as I believe that education is a fundamental element to humanitarian response to the forced migration crisis.

I am passionate about equipping young people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds with the necessary tools to work towards establishing a more sustainable, just, and cohesive society.

I decided to enroll in the course as I saw it as a great opportunity to learn about the Canadian experience of refugee resettlement, meet the experts in the field, and like-minded people who share similar values.

I am very grateful to the Center for Immigration Policy Evaluation, guest speakers, and participants of the Summer School for sharing their expertise and experience. It was great to meet dedicated young researchers from different countries who are also interested in migration policies and politics of refugee resettlement. It was more than just a Summer School, it was a life-changing experience for me, which helped me to find my true passion and advance my knowledge in the field of refugee resettlement. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn from the experts in the field, and consider implementation changes and new approaches to migration policies and refugee resettlement programs. I felt at home in Canada, thanks to administrative staff members who were always ready to assist with any issues and to academic staff for their valuable advice and support.

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