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Social and Cultural Analysis (PhD)

Doctorate (PhD)

Unique in Canada, this bi-disciplinary program provides students with cutting-edge training in both sociology and anthropology in order to prepare them for careers as social and cultural analysts in dynamic environments.

Why pursue a doctorate in social and cultural analysis?

The Doctor of Philosophy in Social and Cultural Analysis (PhD) is a bi-disciplinary degree program that fully integrates the disciplines of sociology and anthropology. The program was the first Doctoral degree program of its kind in both Quebec and Canada. It mirrors the philosophical and pedagogical outlook and approach of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

The PhD program draws on advanced research practices and traditions in sociological and anthropological thought. Students are encouraged to pursue research in one of four thematic specializations:

  • Globalization
  • Social inclusion/exclusion
  • Perception and representation
  • Justice and social ethics

The program trains researchers and professors to meet the growing demand for anthropologists and sociologists in government, academic and industry settings. To fulfill degree requirements, PhD students complete core and elective course work, as well as comprehensive exams, and present and defend a thesis proposal and a written thesis.

Research is integral part of all three programs and faculty members encourage students to participate in projects within the department or at affiliated research centres. Faculty are involved with research initiatives at the local, national and international levels. Their research foci include:

  • Community, Migration, Travel, Transnational links, Elites, Youth
  • Feminisms, Ethnography, Histories of Anthropology
  • Imperialism, Neoliberalism, Political Anthropology
  • Environment and Infrastructure, Politics, Bureaucracy
  • Gender and Development, Legal Anthropology, Muslim Feminisms
  • The Body and Senses, Law and Society, Culture and Commerce, Art and Aesthetics
  • Creolization, Language and Culture, Food
  • Indigenous studies, ethnography, participatory research
  • State Violence, Racialization, Citizenship
  • Political Economy, Marxist Theory, Cultural and Critical Theory
  • Family, Suicide, Sociological Theory, Modernity
  • Emotions, morality, suffering and wellbeing, culture
  • Risk, Surveillance, Social Justice
  • Demography, History of Quebec/Canadian Population, Family
  • Food and Sustainability, Social Economy, World-System Studies
  • Youth, Addictive Behaviours, Population Health
  • Self, Body, Gender, Sexuality, Popular Media, Cultural Theory
  • Environmental governance and neoliberalism; Eco-citizenry; Post-humanism
  • Social and cultural theory, Journalism and media studie
  • Medicine, Gender, Racialization
  • Sex Industry, Mixed Methodologies, Social Justice, Policy Research
  • Digital Culture, Science and Technology, Social Theory
  • Social theory, Deviance, Sociology of Law
  • Men, Bodies, Senses
  • Quebec, Social Movements, Political Sociology

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