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Major in Philosophy - degree requirements

36 credits

The Major degree in philosophy is designed to provide a sound, basic understanding of the major topics in, and historical periods of, philosophy with less stringent requirements than the Honours program. The degree consists in 36 credits, taken in the following stages, with stage I normally being completed in a student’s first year at Concordia, and stages II and II in the subsequent two years.

Please note that all philosophy courses have a value of 3 credits.

The following program requirements are for students admitted as of 2012-2013 academic year.
Stage I - 15 credits
  • PHIL 210 Critical Thinking OR PHIL 214 Deductive Logic
  • PHIL 232 Introduction to Ethics
  • PHIL 260 Presocratics and Plato
  • PHIL 261 Aristotle and Romans
  • PHIL 263 Introduction to Epistemology OR PHIL 265 Introduction to Metaphysics
Stage II - 9 credits
  • PHIL 360 Rationalism
  • PHIL 361 Empiricism
  • PHIL 362 Medieval Philosophy OR PHIL 374 Kant and 19th Century Philosophy OR PHIL 377 20th Century Philosophy
Stage III - 12 credits
  • 6 PHIL elective or cognate credits (2 courses) any level*
  • 6 PHIL elective or cognate credits (2 courses) at the 400 level*

*PHIL elective or cognate credits are to be chosen in consultation with the department, specifically the Undergraduate Program Advisor.

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