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Tristan Masson

Hometown: Montreal, Canada

Specialization: Political Science (Co-op and Honours), Minor in Sustainability Studies

Recipient of the Peter Kruyt Award for Student Leadership and Engagement

"The Loyola College has a special place in my heart, as it balances the sometimes intimidating size of Concordia University with a small and cohesive community of students and faculty. Through this community I’m making all kinds of meaningful relationships and seizing many opportunities. For example, I’ve presented research at the College’s annual Concordia-Sienna Conference and represented the university at the Japan-Canada Academic Consortium in Nagoya, Japan. Additionally the College has given me the confidence to champion issues of sustainability in my community whether through my writing with student newspapers or sitting on the board of directors for the Sustainability Action Fund and Sustainable Concordia. After my studies, I’m considering research and teaching, journalism, and legislation and policymaking. Although I look toward the future with some uncertainty, I’m certain the Loyola College is where I need be."


Maria Raskin

Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Honours in English and Creative Writing, Minor in Diversity and the Contemporary World

"Becoming a member of the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability has been the most enriching experience of my University career at Concordia. The relationships I have fostered with both my peers and faculty are not only long lasting but have also taught me about myself and the benefit of keeping an open mind. The courses I've taken as part of my minor in Diversity and the Contemporary World, have taught me how to articulate my opinions about the way the world currently functions while integrating and benefiting from the interdisciplinary perspective of my classmates. To say that LCDS is merely a department would be false; it's an inclusive community that demonstrates the full potential of what Concordia University can offer its students."


Theresa Henssen

Hometown: Düsseldorf, Germany
Specialization: Major in Human Relations, Minor in Diversity and the Contemporary World.

"Before joining the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability I was just a student fulfuilling the requirements for my Bachelors degree. However, choosing the minor in Diversity and The Contemporary World changed this. It was the best decision I made throughout my journey. I found myself in a place full of new challenges and I was not simply one among many. I bonded quickly with peers, not only in class but also during events, such as a ‘wine and cheese”, organized by our association. The courses I have taken promote critical thinking, discussions and awareness of what is happening around all of us, giving us a new perspective. Further, applying for one of the many internships the College offers gave me the opportunity to gain experience and to bring theory into practice. 

I am thankful to have found my way into this supportive community; I am happy to be part of it."

Andreanne Poirier

Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Specialization: Major in International Business, Minor in Diversity and the Contemporary World

"Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability is an amazing department where learning comes into so many ways and that is partly the reason why it is such a wonderful environment. I enjoyed every minute that I spent into this wonderful place. It might sound like I am bragging or overselling it, but no, not at all! The classes, courses, professors  are all extremely interesting as the people working there. Choosing my minor in Diversity and the Contemporary world was one of the best decisions that I made coming to university."

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