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The students enrolled at Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability (formerly known as Loyola International College) are as diverse as the courses that are offered. Many continue on to graduate studies; for example, we have former students who studied Law at McGill University and Communication Studies at the University of Ottawa.

Our minors are an excellent preparation for any program with a strong emphasis on globalization and international development.


Jessica Sypher (Graduated Spring 2011)

“I am a proud member and graduate of Loyola International College. Fulfilling the credits for the minor in Diversity and the Contemporary World has given me a holistic view of the challenges our global community faces. Being able to participate in student governance on behalf of the students at LIC as VP Sustainability and later as President has been an honour, not to mention a lot of fun! A definite highlight of my time at LIC has been participating in, and attending, the 5th and 6th Sienna/Concordia Conference on Globalization. At LIC I was encouraged to engage in community generated sustainability as a Board of Director for the student group Sustainable Concordia and continuing on as the Sustainable Event Guide Coordinator. Although I will miss Concordia immensely, I am ready for a new challenge at Dalhousie University completing a Masters degree from the School for Resource and Environmental Studies.”

Stefana Nita (Graduated Fall 2007)

"My name is Stefana Nita. I graduated in fall 2007 with a Bachelor for Arts, Honours Political Science, Minor Diversity and the Contemporary World from Concordia University. During my last two years as a Concordia University student, I worked as a Student Success Mentor in Counselling and Development at Concordia University. Shortly after my graduation, I had the opportunity to take the position of Receptionist in Counselling and Development. I have been working for Counselling and Development since September 2007. The opportunity to continue working for Concordia University and to provide my support to Concordia University students is very satisfying to me. The position of Receptionist in Counselling and Development has allowed me to remain in closed contact with the university life. "

Steve Payette (Graduated Spring 2007)

"After one year of study at Saint Paul University in the MA Conflict Studies program, I switched to the Communication MA at the University of Ottawa where I was awarded an entrance bursary and a teaching assistantship.I'm currently working towards my thesis. My research interests include Peircean sem(e)iotic, "new" media, and issues in disability."

Evan Perigoe (Graduated Fall 2005)

Evan Perigoe graduated from McGill University's Faculty of Law in May 2009, a program which he began immediately after completing four years of study at Loyola International College in 2005. While pursuing his LL.B.-B.C.L. at McGill, Evan spent a year on exchange at the University of Edinburgh studying Information Technology Law and Competition Law in the European Union.He has also persued legal internships in the states of Illinois and Alaska.

Currently, Evan ispursuing admission to the New York Bar. He is also revising his LL.B. thesis, on GPS tracking and the law, for publication and is considering an internship with the Center for Science in the Public Interest. He is also preparing an application to work at the Supreme Court of US state, which would begin in September 2010.

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