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What role does interviewing play in research?
Join us for an up close and personal look at interviews in an academic context.
Francine Pelletier (Michener-Deacon Fellow, Journalism)
Krista Byers-Heinlein (Concordia University Research Chair in Bilingualism, Psychology)
Kregg Hetherington (Ethnography Lab, Sociology & Anthropology)
Shannon Hebblethwaite (Applied Human Sciences, director, engAGE Centre for Research on Aging.)
Elizabeth Miller (Communication Studies, Shoreline Project)


A big Beyond Disciplines thank-you to everyone who came to the launch of our third season.
Let's Talk About Sex: Exploring Gender and Sexuality was a big success.
Please mark your calendars for our next event,The Art of the Interview, taking place Wednesday, November 22.
Details to come - stay tuned, we'll see you there!


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