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Weekly research seminar

Seminars include local and international speakers covering topics in ecology, evolution, cell and molecular biology, genomics and synthetic biology. Graduate students and postdocs are also given an opportunity to present their work as part of their training. 

When: Friday afternoons at 1:15 p.m.
Where: GE-110. 

All seminars are open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.

Fall 2018 schedule


21 (GSB)
Brian Ingalls
Univ. of Waterloo

28 (CM)
Dusica Maysinger
McGill Univ.

October 5 (E)
Luc Demeester
KU Leuven

12 (CM)
Kevin Redding
Arizona State Univ

Research in Progress
26 (CM)
Heidi McBride
McGill Univ.

2 (E)
Aimee Classen
Univ. of Vermont


9 (E)
Patrick Bergeron
Bishops University

Research in Progress

23 (CM)
Juan Carlos Villarreal Aguilar
Univ of Laval
30 (GSB)
Andrew Lang
Memorial Univ.

December 7 (E)
Julie Morand-Ferron
Univ. of Ottawa


Winter 2019 schedule

January   11
Chris Boddy
Univ of Ottawa

18 (GSB)
Daniel Kierzkowski
Univ of Montreal

25 (CM)
Thomas Gervais

February 1 (E)
Jonathan Newman

John Hanrahan
McGill Univ

Hugo Zheng
McGill Univ
22 (CM)
Research in Porgress
March 8 (E)
Chris Yost
Univ. of Regina
15 (E)
Jason Moffat
Univ of Toronto
Marc Johnson
Univ of Toronto
29 (CM)
Research in Progress
April 5 (E)
Michael Noonan

Series coordinators

Anyone who would like to meet with the speaker should contact the appropriate coordinator.

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