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The Faculty of Arts and Science Interdisciplinary Studies reinforce the value of broadening skills and experience beyond the boundaries of a single concentration. Interdisciplinary studies involves students in a range of thought, from scientific to humanistic.

Courses are designed to illuminate principles, methods, and skills that cross disciplinary boundaries. These programs are intended for students whose interests do not conform to standard academic programs.

Individually structured programs

Some departments and programs allow you to follow an individually structured Specialization or Honours program. You must apply to the department that seems most relevant to the central aspect of your proposed program. Find out more about individually structured programs in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Interdisciplinary programs

Interdisciplinary programs consist of a specific number of credits comprised of courses from a range of disciplines. The faculty currently offers interdisciplinary programs in Canadian Irish Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality. Find out more about interdisciplinary programs.

Elective groups

An elective group is a package of elective courses from which you take 15 or 18 credits focused around a specific topic or area of interest. Find out more about elective groups.

Interdisciplinary courses

The faculty offers several courses that have an interdisciplinary approach and are recommended and/or required by a variety of departments. Find out more about interdisciplinary courses.

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