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Charmaine Lyn

Senior Director

  • OCE Strategic Leadership
  • SHIFT, Interim Leadership
  • Partnership Development
  • Bâtiment 7
  • Member of Indigenous Directions Leadership Council
  • Diversity & Inclusion
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Susan Edey

Senior Community Engagement Coordinator

  • OCE Project Development, Management & Oversight
  • SHIFT, Interim Program Management
  • Living Knowledge Community of Practice
  • Neighbourhood Engagement - Peter-McGill, Westhaven
  • Community-Based Experiential Learning (CBEL)
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Sandra Margolian

Associate Coordinator

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Alex Megelas

Programs and Communications Coordinator

  • University of the Streets Cafe
  • Anchored presence at Bâtiment 7, Program Development & Coordination
  • Parc-Extension Community-Based Action Research Network
  • OCE Communications 
  • Partnership Development
  • Program Facilitation
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Geneviève Sioui

Indigenous Community Engagement Coordinator

  • Indigenous Community Outreach
  • Indigenous Faculty Relationships
  • Indigenous Partnership Development
  • Member of Indigenous Directions Leadership Council
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