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How to apply

The processing of housing applications for fall 2020 are currently suspended until May 1st due to the current situation surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak. Please continue to make your application online and we will provide an update after May 1st.

Guaranteed Housing - who has it?

If you are a first-year student who has been offered guaranteed housing, you will have been notified by means of a seperate e-mail following the receipt of your offer of admission. You will then be required to do a couple of more things to accept that guarantee. If you are offered a guaranteed place, you must apply by May 15 (see the process outlined below). Later, you will you be sent an offer for an on-campus room type*. You then have to pay a $875 confirmation fee and purchase the residence meal plan of $4975 before June 1. If you do not apply by May 15, or do not make those payments, you will no longer have a guaranteed place in on-campus housing.

Students who do not have a guaranteed place in residence may apply as of May 16.

*Only those with complete applications can be sent room offers.


Who else can apply and when?

After Guaranteed Housing offers are done, priority is given to first-year undergraduate students under the age of 23. The following other students may also apply as long as they are full-time Concordia students and currently live more than 50 kilometers from campus:


Graduate students

If you are a student enrolled in a Graduate Diploma, Masters, or Ph.D. programme, you may apply for housing. Graduate students can live in the Jesuit Residence on the Loyola Campus or in one of a very limited number of rooms in the Grey Nuns Residence on the Sir George Williams campus. Graduate students may apply as of May 16.

Continuing-Education students

Continuing Education students enrolled in Concordia's Intensive English Language Program that have been accepted into an undergraduate program may apply for housing. Cont-ed students may apply as of May 16.

Exchange students

Applications from 4-month exchange students are only accepted for the winter session. Applications for winter open the second week of October. 8-month exchange students may apply as of May 16.

Second-year students

Second-year students who have previously lived in residence must contact Residence Life if they wish to apply again. Permission is granted on a case-by-case basis. Returning residents must reapply before May 16. If you are a current resident who wants to return, please email

Room offers

When are offers sent out?

  • If you were offered a guaranteed place in residence as part of your admission, you have until May15 to submit your housing application to make sure you receive a housing offer from us.
  • Offers start going out to guaranteed applicants in late March.
  • We send out room offers to applicants without a guarantee after May 15
  • We send out offers throughout the summer, until all spaces are filled.

We offer rooms based on:

  • Order of application
  • Availability of room type requested
  • Any other relevant data 

Applicants who are offered a room will be sent a room-offer email with a deadline to confirm with the two following steps:

  • Payment of a $875.00 room confirmation fee. $700 of this will be credited back to your student account upon move in and applied to your rent. This portion is non refundable. The remaining  $175* is an infrastructure upgrade fee that is refundable should you decide not to pursue your accomnodation offer.
  • Purchase of the residence meal plan which is $4975 in total.

Infrastucture fee is subject to change

Room offers include:

  • Building, room type, and cost
  • Deadline by which date payments must be made
  • Cancellation clause

*Note that the offer will only be for a room type at this point, not a specific room*

Cancelling a room offer after payments

  • Once paid, $700.00 of the room confirmation fee is not refundable under any circumstance. This applies to delayed visas resulting in being unable to take occupation of the assigned room, or a decision not to attend the University for your studies. The $175 infrastructure upgrade fee component is refundable.
  • Full meal plan is refundable, minus a $100 administrative fee.
  • Students who fail to arrive to take occupancy of their room by the first day of classes, will automatically have their room cancelled.


  • In the event that you need to defer your studies, you must notify us that you will not be arriving to take possession of your room. 
  • If you do not arrive by the first day of classes, your room will automatically be cancelled. No refunds will be processed.

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