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Applications for WINTER 2020 are now open!

Offers will be made on the basis of availability. Please apply for all room types on both campuses you are willing to live in to increase your chances.  

Guaranteed Housing - who has it?

If you are a first-year student who has been offered guaranteed housing,  you will, or will have, received an individual email from Residence Life telling you so. You will then be required to do a couple of more things to accept that guarantee. If you are offered a guaranteed place, you must apply by May 15 (see the process outlined below). Later, you will you be sent an offer for an on-campus room type*. You then have to pay a $825 confirmation fee and purchase the residence meal plan of $4430* before June 1. If you do not apply by May 15, or do not make those payments, you will no longer have a guaranteed place in on-campus housing.

Students who do not have a guaranteed place in residence may apply as of May 16.

*Only those with complete applications can be sent room offers.

** Price is for 2018-19 and is subject to change.

Who else can apply and when?

After Guaranteed Housing offers are done, priority is given to first-year undergraduate students under the age of 23. The following other students may also apply as long as they are full-time Concordia students and currently live more than 50 kilometers from campus:


Graduate students

If you are a student enrolled in a Graduate Diploma, Masters, or Ph.D. programme, you may apply for housing. Graduate students can live in the Jesuit Residence on the Loyola Campus or in one of a very limited number of rooms in the Grey Nuns Residence on the Sir George Williams campus. Graduate students may apply as of May 16.

Continuing-Education students

Continuing Education students enrolled in Concordia's Intensive English Language Program that have been accepted into an undergraduate program may apply for housing. Cont-ed students may apply as of May 16.

Exchange students

Applications from 4-month exchange students are only accepted for the winter session. Applications for winter open the second week of October. 8-month exchange students may apply as of May 16.

Second-year students

Second-year students who have previously lived in residence must contact Residence Life if they wish to apply again. Permission is granted on a case-by-case basis. Returning residents must reapply before May 16. If you are a current resident who wants to return, please email

Room offers

When are offers sent out?

  • If you were offered a guaranteed place in residence as part of your admission, you have until May15 to submit your housing application to make sure you receive a housing offer from us.
  • Offers start going out to guaranteed applicants in late March.
  • We send out room offers to applicants without a guarantee after May 15
  • We send out offers throughout the summer, until all spaces are filled.

We offer rooms based on:

  • Order of application
  • Availability of room type requested
  • Any other relevant data 

Applicants who are offered a room will be sent a room-offer email with a deadline to confirm with the two following steps:

  • Payment of a $825.00 room confirmation fee. $700 of this will be credited back to your student account upon move in and applied to your rent.
  • Purchase of the residence meal plan which is $4695 in total.

Room offers include

  • Building, room type, and cost
  • Deadline by which date payments must be made
  • Cancellation clause

*Note that the offer will only be for a room type at this point, not a specific room*

Cancelling a room offer after payments

  • Once paid, $700.00 of the room confirmation fee is not refundable under any circumstance. The $125 infrastructure upgrade fee component is refundable.
  • Full meal plan is refundable, minus a $100 administrative fee.

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