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How Do I Apply?

Now that you have selected your institution(s), you must complete the CSEP Online Application by one of the deadlines indicated below.





Fall 2020, Winter 2021 or Full Year 2020-21



Winter 2021 


Application Sections


Personal Details

You should include general information about yourself, such as you name, student ID, and contact information. 


Academic Details

You will specify your current program(s) of study at Concordia, your faculty, and CGPA.


Emergency Contact Information

Enter your emergency contact's information and whether you agree to allow Concordia International to disclose information regarding your exchange to them. 



You can choose up to three destinations you would like to attend and the semester(s) you wish to be on exchange. We advise you to list three choices, as we cannot always place students at their first choice. 


Bursary Information

Students leaving for exchange will receive the Quebec Mobility Bursary which they will apply for in their application. 


Personal Statement

Your personal statement should be between 250-500 words long and should explain your reasons for participating in the CSEP, why you would be a good candidate, and why you chose the institutions you did.


Document Uploads

You will be asked to upload a copy of your passport's information page, unofficial transcript, and a language proficiency form (if you are planning on studying in a language other than English).

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